Hero rental within the alliance members

it would be nice to be able to put your heroes for rent for other ally members for 1 attack on the titan or events

the hero owner can put a hero on rent for some amount of food or iron and the ally member that want to hire that hero for 1 attack need to pay the owner the asked food / iron and use that hero for 1 attack.

this way the players with high rated maxed heroes can benefit from it , help the ally , be wanted even more from alliances to join them for his heroes and help the weak / new players to test a maxed hero out which will make them try hard to get that hero or avoid him.

I don’t think this will be of any benefit to the game.

its benefit the players, alliance, new joiners … not everything should benefit the game only.

and if you think about it when someone new try a maxed 5* he wont like to stay with 3/4 * heroes any more after testing the 5* hero

I think that this will disincentivize players to build their own hero rooster but to always borrow them from stronger players, it’ll ruin every alliance ladder (even if this doesn’t have impact on the game), make players do fewer summons due to already present heroes and use always the same heroes between the whole alliance.

If you score A+ with a borrowed team what will you say to your new entry that scored worse because he doen’t have any “rented” hero? Or will you “rent” them to every member? This is beyond ridiculus.

What could happen if a renter will leave the alliance?
What will happen if players would not buy gems anymore but they’ll start asking players in need of resources to “come saying hello” in their alliance and make them kill the titan with his heroes?

Every titan & event aspect will be ruined, players would quit and the game would fail.


they cant use the heroes for raid / defense … and the cost can be high to use it in 1 titan attack the idea is flexible.

and the issues you mentioned about if the renter leave the ally as i said its for 1 attack rent not like an hour, the hero will return to its owner after the attack is finished

and btw this is already there in other puzzle games and it ruined nothing its fun

you need to put in mind also 5* heroes cost energy so not everyone can just put 5 /5* hero in his roaster

lol i dont have to change your mind do you think every thing the dev add everyone agrees about in the game ? if you like the idea vote if not then dont … someone else who like it would vote and when it got enough votes dev will look at it and mostly ignore it same as many other ideas here lol

But man, the fact that you propose to let them be borrowed for 1 attack only makes easily that the most abusable feature in the game… every new player would complete rare quests, events, stuff just by lending some food & iron to the “Big Shot” and the sense of progression and all the other things would be ruined.

Your idea isn’t bad in the 100% but for a good 80%.

If you would have suggested disposable (already leveled) heroes cards, maybe dropped from quests and stuff, it could have been an actually good Idea “I need more power, I’ll use that card I dropped times ago to finish that level” but to make that repeatable… no. Just no.

man i didnt mention how much it will cost at all, its up to the developers to decided … it might cost 500k food to use 1 hero in 1 attack which means you wont be able to rent all 5 in the same day … or if you are a low lvl your storage wont even handle having 500k food … as i said the idea is flexible and im sure the dev is not that stupid to do it the way you think they will do it… dont take me wrong i know you are worried about the game play that might get effected by this, but there is 100 ways to make the idea work just fine without having that big impact on the game play… it can be limited with a player lvl, food / iron cost / number of heroes can be rented a day/ number of times the same hero can be rented a day … there is many many ways to make it useful for ppl to try a hero or to benefit the owner a lil with gaining food / iron

Then it would be pointless as new players wouldn’t benefit from that at all :rofl:

i will reply last time cuz i dont have much time to explain all the possibilities to you cuz you will keep coming with new one and i will keep answering you here which is not why i opened the topic.

anyway it can be limited to the times the hero can be used as rental per day to 3 for example or even 1/ it can limit the owner to rent 1 hero a day … it can it can… i will leave it here if you want to come with more but but but then i think no one should post any thing because you will only allow ppl to post what you like and flood the other posts that you dont like :")

Then I’ll only reply with this:

Players have already asked areas where to test heroes they don’t have, simulate titans and raids fights, training rooms etc.

And those things were about to improve game experience and the social aspect of the game.

What you are asking is to find a way to use heroes that are not in player’s possessions and gain benefits from it. Intended as easier loot.

It’s not a bad concept. A little rough but it could work.

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