Hero Ranks vs Grades

I am seeking help in making comparative assessments of heroes. I’ve studied the Hero Rankings in the E&P Wiki, and the grades in Anchor’s Guide to Hero Grades. Both of these are well presented and represent a great deal of effort. However I am bewildered by the fact that heroes with good grades often have poor rankings and vice versa. Case in point, Chao is the best ranked 4* Sun hero, but has the poorest grades among the same group. — How can I use this information?

E&P Wiki was written and edited before I started playing (April 2017); while it may be being re-edited now, I’m not sure every section is being gone over (I believe the buildings are). @Anchor’s Guide was written just a few weeks ago, before War came out.

One can argue the differences (Anchor’s grades are for Titan, Raid Offense and Defense, but not War; wiki provides basic stats only).

I would point out that we’ve had a year to play and test the validity of the wiki’s assertions, and while both wiki and Anchor’s Guide are opinions, Anchor’s is the opinion of consistently the number 1 alliance in the game. Just sayin’. :wink:

P.S. I would love for them to expand their guide to include War, but for now I’m referring to the Defense and Overall grades for that.


@Gruff the point to my grades were they were assements of actual practicality of heroes. Having high stats doesn’t help if your hero power is junk.

Update. My guide now also has Alliance War grades on heroes as well.


Thanks Rook and Anchor. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

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