Hero randomly loses mana on a slash attack

So, I’ve noticed this a few months ago and thought my eyes were playing a funky trick on me. But I’m noticing it more and more over the last few weeks.
My heroes would get charged up or close to charged up and then randomly on a slash attack would lose mana.
Happened twice the last 2 days.
First it was Odin. Got slash attacked and lost some mana to the point that my Prof Lidenbrock charged up faster than my Odin. The opposing team had no mana reducing heroes. They had costumed Kadilen, which can reduce mana gen, but not remove mana from a hero (she didn’t proc).
Today, I ran a holy/dark 3-2 with Prof Lidenbrock, Hel, Dr. Moreau, Odin, and Lepiota I hit a cascade of holy/dark tiles that literally charged up my entire time and could have charged them up twice (really lucky cascade combos)…All of my heroes were fully charged and ready to fire, except Lepiota was at about 60%. The cascade I had would have charged up slow heroes twice over, yet Lepiota, who’s fast (right wing) only got to 60%. People in my alliance have also said they’ve seen this happen more than a few times.

I see a picture of your heroes with full mana.
Got a video? Or at least screenshots where it’s easy to see what is happening.

I wish I had a video. That was one of those “Damn it…it’s happened again” moments when I just took the screenshot as soon as I noticed it happened.
Yea, it’s hard to tell, but it’s Prof Lindenbrock, Hel, Dr. Moreau, Odin, Lepiota … in that order.
I thought I was going to get destroyed there after they went off since I not only charged up my heroes, but charged them as well with the cascade I had, so I took a screenshot before my heroes died. (Lived…just barely).

I know exactly what you mean. I have noticed this too but thought I was imagining things.

It doesn’t happen that often to me though. And it can happen to any of my heroes. I check for any passive mana ailment or special. Nope. I had no choice but to combo again to reactivate that affected hero.

Costumed Kadilen do not reduce mana generation. Are you sure your opponent do not have Lady of the Lake?

Well she’s a sorc so she can cast the Delay which is I think what he meant.

Hard to figure out what happened here really without a video showing previous turns and moves. Looks like the concern is that cascade charged average speed heroes but didn’t charge fast speed hero (Lepiota). Wasn’t Lepiota already charged earlier and you forgot firing at Elizabeth who resisted the status?

I don’t know, just guessing. And not sure how slash attacks are related to all this.

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I thought it was about direct mana cut.

Yup, there’s different complaint made in the title than in the OP’s explanation + some confusing picture where it’s tough to even figure out the heroes we’re looking at so it’s pretty difficult riddle to solve :wink:

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No, sorry. It definitely looks like a “who shot John” situation here. This should have been a 2 part when I typed it (was really tired…work/kids/crap around the house/life…).
First one (the one I don’t have a screenshot for since I was just casually doing my raids)…Odin got slash attacked and I literally watched him drop mana. I mean, a screenshot wouldn’t have made a difference there. He just dropped 10% mana.
2nd part was the cascade I got on my 2nd move on the board. I charged up my entire team, except Lepiota (hence me scrambling to take a screenshot that you see there). Definitely didn’t fire any hero prior to the cascade.

Just for sake of completeness, what was the defending roster? cKadilen, and who else?

What was the defending team of the first one?

As for the second case:

Elizabeth can give you spider fiend. Any of your heroes who have spider fiend will have 24% mana gereration reduction.

Also, the other purple are Hel and Moreau, if both already have high amount of mana before cascade, they will only need small amount of purple puzzle that might not even put Lepiota to full mana if Lepiota just use skill. We need more information, what heroes have used skill prior to this event?

Defending team for the first one was Costumed Magni, Sir Roostley, Bera, Costumed Kadilen, and Marjana. Regular formation in that order. One thing I have noticed that when this happens, the defending team does have a Sorcerer.

Yep, I know what you mean, but that didn’t happen. Problem is that I connected on 3 holy tiles for my first move, then a massive cascade of dark/holy tiles on the 2nd move. All 3 (Hel, Dr. Moreau, and Lepiota) were at 0 mana when the cascade took off.
No hero, mine or the defending teams, fired off before the cascade. I charged up the entire defending team with the exception of Director Zuri as well as mine. However, Lepiota was at 60% mana.

Pretty sure this is the solution to the lepiota bug.

Kadilen c hitting lepiota with a slash attack, and proc delay. Now with 50% mana generation minus that’s exactly the situation that would happen, hel and Dr full, lepiota not.

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cKadilen is sorcerer, so is Director Zuri.

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So maybe something funny is going on when your hero gets hit twice with the sorceror delay? Maybe if you already suffer the ailment, and you get hit again, it causes a mana cut? Just throwing that out there as a possible reason.

Did you happen to kill Bera at the time your Odin lost some of his mana?

Killing Bera or other Vanaheim hero result in mana cut for your team.

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Yep and lindenbrock is cleric so she could theoretical resist beras manacut resulting in her charged before Odin. Sounds possible.

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