Hero Properties Consolidation Project - RAZOR (GuiLDWare & DrAGon-CoVe)

Hero Properties Consolidation Project

This is a volunteer project for an individual dedicated in their spare time to assisting the E&P Players Community with value added tools resulting in time savings and hero knowledge enhancement.

With RaZoR’s direction you will participate in brainstorming sessions both with him & independently to establish the DrAGon-CoVe data center enhancements & modifications necessary for a 10-fold usability increase of the existing implementation. This will result in the expedited release of the v2 Hero Properties Engine that interfaces directly with thousands of the GuiLDWare platforms Users Hero Inventories.

Ideal Requirements:

  • Fair to Strong Understanding of the various Hero Special Skills:

Cleansers, Debuffers, Mana Blockers, Attack Multipliers, etc.

  • Technical Aptitude

  • Ability to think out of the box

  • Testing procedure experience a plus

  • Data Manipulation

  • Data Entry

  • Experience with Spreadsheets & Database Tables

  • Use of Graphical User Interfaces on a PC or Tablet

  • Obtaining feedback from users

The idea about this - amazing and could be a huge hit. Being that the levels of separation were too steep, using as a ‘search’ utility is pretty fruitless unless you want to see cleansers, healers, minion makers, debuffers… outside of this - unfortunately the 200+ properties is to daunting for me to even us it LOL! I’ve many ideas but this has been on my desk for months.

This information is specific to this thread. It was a player reaching out to me about DrAGon-CoVe that brought this up - not sure I’ve ever seen a thread like this before? YOU? LOL. I got stacks of this stuff. Anyway they have dibs if they would like to otherwise open to the Forum… Thanks RAZ

@JonahTheBard @Guvnor @Pompitous @nevarmaor @Gryphonknight Just adding a couple of you - in event you know someone who might like to tackle it and Failure to complete is 100% acceptable! Its the attempt that counts.


Outside of GuiLDWares Engine shown above that users can search (with or without inventory) I integrated what I call the “TRUE HEALERS” list in what was previously BaT-CoVe to identify how many healers a player had within a given alliance for war purposes…


not looking at the list to see if its 100% accurate…

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If I understand right: This looks like a search function within G.W. Platform user database? Which would require massive data entry.
I would like to help, but…The ninja tower has me worried about spare time. For which I run short on lately regardless.

I can cut back forum warfare and possibly open up some time. But, I have plans to build a home in the mountains for myself. If I pull that trigger. I may have no time for forums or towers either.


Thanks for even thinking about it Pompitous! Much appreciated.

BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME! I’d be all over the house myself If that was a skillset I had! Not to attempt to steer you away from the forum, however a house in the Mountains… or looking into a screen in the E&P Forum? hmmm. Ha ha ha.

Thanks again. - as to data entry wouldn’t need to, could just be defining what that would look like to achieve goal. Then someone else moves forward with the implementation and data mods + entry.



Where is the data coming to and from? I’d be happy to help with automation, if it’s possible.

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Matt! Hit me up at RAZORENP on LINE (GoRin i recall to be a Whatsapp team however), if so Razor@EnPHero.com! I just don’t check email often… (shhhhhh… walks away).

It originates from an Admin app titled DrAGon-CoVe which is updated each new hero release (thus this portion can not be automated it has to be input) and its functionality is hosted primarily to the users through the Hero Properties search engine (allowing users with or without hero inventory in GuilDWare to use it)

An actual case in which I was able to query the Hero Properties to extract the viable heroes with skills unaffected by the new WAR RULE (EQUALIZER) released today. First for everything! Was awesome. Still not a friendly # to query. I added in GenJon & the 4 new release Morlovia v2 Heroes Fran, Vand, Frank & Jack JIC - they didn’t make the cut - however created 2 new properties (Special: Jacks Bomb that I recall at the moment).

@yelnats_24 thanks for the correction - as well the new HOTM EL (which are not being included either), added prop for minion created by talent (Zim) and properly classified Alfrike (into Heal vs Damage).

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I saw an image in chat group with @Razor name on it. (Maybe prototype)

Listed in that list is C.Kadilen (as Minion Summoners) who should have not been on that list. She doesn’t generate minion directly, her minion come through buff which is affected by equalizer just like Inari.

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Still trying to get my head around it all :wink: I think we need to strike a happy balance between the specific skills and their general function. It’s definitely going to be a challenge seeing as there are so many varying abilities. I’m going to have a think about how the skills could be structured in a tree… which may allow users to pick their own degree of granularity when searching. Although it may not make things any easier for admins. I need a bit of time to think about it… then Maybe we can have a brainstorming session.

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Great plan. Glad you want to try tackling it, it can be a brain teaser! :slight_smile: :rofl: Also my comments regarding it being outdated for last 2 heroes - up to date including Morlovia now (however still feel free to make edits maybe pick out a couple particular heroes to limit it to). Thanks Matt we can PM if you would like raw data.

May misunderstand —

Have you looked into facets on the front end?

We had a similar issue with 500+ attributes —

Added a self classification to the account page — so people could do it themselves At enrollment or change it later

Simple — most popular/highest level
Advanced - second helping of data points
Pro - engineer level data

When combined with facets (the checkbox /search field/multi select)

The parent/child tree was manageable — and folks could tailor the fields important to them

Later revisions delved deeper into show/hide, save, etc And added the same toggle for guests

But the DB held everything — often multiple versions - and it stayed pretty fast thanks to the dB wizards

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