Hero Prioritization —

Hi all,

Wondering the framework folks use to determine what to level; see how folks do it :slight_smile:

Know this kind of “duh”, but here’s mine

My prioritization is class > role > element > team > hero — there are exceptions; for example some hero’s perform double duty ( can be used strongly in different areas) or is unlikely to be replace often - (which gets into incremental gains and opportunity cost)

My first pass is identifying 10 heroes - one per class. From those 10 - I need to be able to build a primary rainbow team.

From those 10 — monk, paladin and rogue are removed from the emblem pool until my 4* utility hero’s are “done” - not necessarily maxed. (jackal, falcon, wilbur). To me, they are fantastic for their skill and cost, not easily replaced and expand capabilities; and 400 ish emblems isn’t backbreaking.

Leaves 7 classes to pick my main emblemed team from - 5 five stars; remaining are 4* or can be skipped (Cat is my sorcerer placeholder — but haven’t given him anything)

I swap in my Alts — for battle, like always, — I often use Grave and Kage; but 1500 is going to take long time to get… as it becomes more common; dedicated for fully maxing a one hero will be standard —

Lastly — I repeat my queue - but inverted; the four star classes in pass one are five stars in pass two and my “blessed” utility hero’s are a very small lot.

It’s really hard - reprioritizing (in many ways - abandoning - because I’ll never get the mats to get to more that 2-3) strong, well regarded hero’s that would help me is tough —ex: Joon, Tarlak, Alice are unlikely to be more than alts; while Aeron is my next monk; after Wilbur. Really good synergy with others that made the cut.

shrug being ruthless with this has freed up a lot of resources and time;

I level up every unique hero that I get. If I run out then I focus on good duplicates

As a F2P I don’t have 5* to choose from really. I get them about as fast as I get materials


My order is def- caster > attack buffer > then best one from there :stuck_out_tongue:

Classes seem to fall into place for me doing that

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Like @Adirtyempire, I’m the same. As a non-spender, I rarely have more than 3 heroes of the same color at a time to choose from.

Right now I’m doing one of each color, but I’ll run out of Yellow and Red projects soon. Then I will divert Yellow/Red feeders to my other projects.


Personally, I try and level five heroes at a time. One of each colour.
Levelling my 3* heroes right at the beginning worked. Then moved to 4* to help get the mats for 5* heroes.
That way it’s allowed me to choose as I progress on whether I need more defence, attack, healer or trial specific hero etc


In the early game I prioritized heroes which let me finish events.

Now I prioritize war defence above everything else.
And after that there comes the general utility: wukong/wilbur/proteus

I also don’t have tons of great 5* pulls, so not many tough choices here.


I’m really intrigued by the OP’s framework because it’s the first time I’ve seen class given serious thought.

I built my core roster before classes existed (I’ve been playing over two years), so my mindset is centered on roles and general hero quality. Until recently I was strict about working on one hero of each color, to get the experience bonus, so I naturally ended up with rainbow teams available.

Would I do it differently if I were starting today? A little, but I don’t think I’d make many changes. Role is still dominant—good titan teams need certain roles filled, Alliance Wars need a strong defense and plenty of healers.

The biggest impact of classes in my life has been selecting war defenses. You really don’t want duplicates in a class, which has forced some reshuffling.


Pretty much this. I gave my war team emblems and checked what’s left. Then I ascended Marjana because I had no other rogues.

You made me smile — but it’s one of your earlier posts, combined with my assassin school monastery that dabbles heavily in archery that got me here.

The biggest driver is that emblems are a blocked linear component of ascension — collecting them to (near) max is - for all likely purposes - akin to creating a 6* hero; but they have not been around long enough that you’re bumping into full emblems the way your bumping into 4/80 hero’s.

On one end —if you have them sprinkled around, you’re eventually going to facing opponents that will rock you because that power has been; concentrated —- on the other, mudflation is going to shift 4* to 3*, 5* to 4*, etc. under another name; the 5* terminology is deeply engrained to the player base; but it gets watered down overtime.

If they announced 4* mats would start dropping like 3* mats tomorrrow; you’d just wind up with a deep bench of 4-80s; but only be able to max out 2 or 3 or those per class.

Costumes — for example — give power; but so what? They also switch class :slight_smile:

That leaves 10 slots — like a MMPORG; resetting would be brutal even with maxed everything —

So once I have my 10, I try to stay aligned on classes the way one does with elements — helps create synergy in teams and streamline “red button” resets if I wanted to promote a 4/80 to “Team Emblem” or demote a backup to the war pool

(Side note: individual power, to me, most optimized as raids -> events/quests -> titans -> war (top 6 teams). It’s quite uncommon that I’ve leveled something for war that benefited me on Titans — but commonplace to take the 25ish Titan hero’s and reassemble them into war teams.

Costumes are neat — poor Liliana may never get Ranger love (no, not the cave dwelling Jon Snow type) — but she may be top of the list in another class.

Edit —

R1: primary team (emblems 1-5)
R2: secondary team (4* emblems 6-10, because of the “low” cost, my highest priority is unique, drop in utility value)
R3: backups (5* emblems 6-10, must play well with Primary team)
R4: not pictured — but these are second wave emblems 1-5; only added factor is I highly prize team dynamics and multi encounter utility)

Ex - Ranvir— good on titans, good in a yellow stack, rainbow, and helps existing team; and I don’t want another green Druid.

Note: I put a higher value than many on the 54% link based elemental buffer

Cat, Ursena, Margaret are placeholders — as either their element or class doesn’t warrant prioritization; I’m good on purples (4/80 Kage, 3/70 Panther) and green will get minimal field time outside a colorblock.

It’s like managing a football roster of 30 :slight_smile:

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My prioritization is mainly downing enemies defenses. Which is why going against Kunchen tanks irritates the ever living daylights out of me. When I started, I got Ulmer fairly early. Then a little while after I got Grimm, those two were the backbone of my team for a very long time. I also played with no healers as the game never gave them to me for a while. My core 5 heroes for the longest time were Brienne, Ulmer, Grimm, Chao, and Layla. I at first when I played within the first month or so, I wrote off Brienne. But I got her again later on and realized her value. I still have her and she is well on her way to becoming my very first emblemed 3 star. I am basically playing without healers for the most part but right now I am testing out a defense team with Belith as healer as Kiril and Rigard evade my summons.

Bottom line, I am all about reducing enemy defenses and stripping them of their buffs.


Although I posted earlier that I rarely have to choose between heroes of a color, I did have to do that a lot recently - especially for Blues and Greens. Heavens knows why they drop so much, but I struggle with the other colors :slight_smile:

anyway, in those happy cases where I have to choose between 2 or 3 heroes to level, it’s the skill/role as they relate to my priorities.

Raids and Wars were most important for me, so…

I picked Sonya over Grimm because I really needed dispellers (Sabina was my only other), while I also had Gormek as a defense debuffer. And I felt that dispelling was more vital than defense debuffing: i can still win without reducing enemy defense, but if the enemy has a riposte up I will probably lose.

I also chose Lepus over Aegir because, at the time, I had no strong hitters/snipers. But I already had Kiril, Sabina and Aeron to handle healing and defense buffing

And I chose Gadeirus over Kashhrek because Kash is best as a tank, but by then I had Kiril, Li xiu and Boldtusk as serviceable tanks

then i dumped Gad for Melendor, my most recent pull, because Mel has much better general utility than Gad does.


C2P only really summon at Atlantis and some events and it will be only a few pulls so really what ever comes through the portal! But am doing triton and gadeirus After Grimm and cedomon as lacking on a healers and the triton healing buff could come in handy! I can Do LJ and broil after!

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You might find this interesting —

5* only, Class, then element

Dark Monk, Holy Wizard vs Holy Monk, Dark Wizard

Ice Ranger, Nature Rogue vs Nature Ranger, I e Rogue

Paladin/Sorcerer seem to have the least options in element, and some newer hero’s seem to lean towards class / color we haven’t seen; and the many of the very strong 4* ( ie Red Monk) don’t yet have 5* counterparts.

Shrug — think it’s likely just an artifact from adding classes late, small number of heroes, balance efforts, etc

But it’s interesting and tends to streamline stacking as a by-product; making it quite difficult to have both stacked heros and stacked classes at the 5* level — which is the level many sources add new options

Helps as a checkpoint for relative (perceived) strength - can mix and match to your hearts content; but one group leans offense, other defense with lots in between.

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You know it’s interesting because I was looking at my own bench in a similar vein. I’d started from the framework of “is this a unique hero that does something nobody else does?” and did emblems based on that.

I ended up with most of my emblems being distributed to my red and purple with the other colors getting basically nothing or very little, sometimes due to no other options at that time.

And my blue bench is supported by defense down being such a powerful effect that it can withstand having no emblems to a certain extent.

So as long as I can bring one of my triad of purple-blue-red to the field, I do okay. But the moment I have to field anything yellow or green, I struggle, especially if blue is the off color for me.

I also suspect some of that is because classic green and yellow are kinda weak. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I am taking the same approach. I am midway finishing the last tier on Proteus… I know he may be one of the best 4*s, but I’ve stopped leveling him in favor of starting to level Seshat to 3.70. Thing is, I didn’t find Proteus all that useful for my situation as I already have Hansel for mana control… but I don’t have any dispellers such as Sonya or Caedmon. To me it is more important to have the skillset to counter riposte as of now. Once Seshat is at 3.70 I’ll take her for a spin… If she proves to be enough to be included on the attack team without final ascension I will switch back to Proteus, otherwise I’ll start maxing Sabina and then finish Proteus.

You’ll like her! She’s fun —buddy has her leveled

Mine is more ‘She Sat’ — purple and ranger means unless their special is “Greek Toga Party” for the alliance complete with full bar and strippers; your going to sit :slight_smile:

Beyond that, I want more control over the minion summoning — small quirk, more of a play style thing

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“Greek Toga Party” sounds like the perfect special to pair up with Wilbur. Fire up Wilbur’s “Wonderful Feast” and then, BOOM, finish off with “Green Toga Party”, 35% chance full mana for all heroes, bar and strippers for the alliance :joy:

Margaret should of had the special ‘Irish Wake’ to go in that mix —

At first, it doesn’t seem to do much; but 24 hrs later the screen is blurry, everything is too bright and too loud, the program crashes, and everything slows to a crawl until you hibernate for 16hrs…

Isn’t her special “the green goblin grandmother” who rides the broom and farts all over the screen?

My goal was to be able to finish trials first, then titan teams, then 6 war offense teams, then raid/war defense.

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