Hero power

Can anyone tell me if the hero power is the same with a costume as without? Assuming both exactly the same level of course.

If you mean the number on the card, no, that is increased by costume bonuses. The team power numbers are just a guide though and have no gameplay effect

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See here for what goes into power. Most are the same, but depending on the distribution of stats, some are slightly different.

Hero power goes up for both costume and uncostumed versions when you level them both.

In some cases, the power might be higher or lower with or without the costume… but either way, just having and leveling the costume will make your original hero more powerful than it would be without.

Couple of examples from my own roster:

I have costumed Hawkmoon, fully leveled up (both costume and original hero).

Uncostumed Hawkmoon, maxed out: 444 power
Uncostumed Hawkmoon maxed out with maxed costume: 467 power
Costumed Hawkmoon maxed out: 468 power

Also have same with Gunnar.

Uncostumed Gunnar, maxed out: 441 power
Uncostumed Gunnar, maxed out with maxed costume: 464 power
Costumed Gunnar maxed out: 464 power


I am assuming you are not including emblems here?
Because my stats do not match yours

No, zero emblems. I don’t emblem my 3*s. At least not yet. Maybe some day.

Kinda what I thought.
I have both at full maxxed costume @ +4, and they are 20pts higher than what you posted.

Thanks for the post, btw.
Cleared up some confusion I had regarding costumes. :grin:

I would emblem my 3s if I had emblems to spare, but I have so many 4s and 5s who are thirsty for emblems… emblemed 3* s are great for stuff like rare challenge events and raid tournaments, but I focus more on wars and titans where 3* heroes are less useful.

A hero with a leveled up costume will always be stronger than the same hero with no costume though, regardless of whether they’re actually wearing the costume or not. Leveling the costume will improve the base stats on the original hero as well. :wink:

I can relate.
I only emblemed the 3*s for the challenges, etc. and I only take them so far.

That said, means it is worth my time and materials to actually level Boldtusks costume, once I am done with my other red project.

Once again, thank you for the clarification; much appreciated :slight_smile: