Hero power calculation – why does a 5* Hero with lower stats than a 4* Hero have a higher Card Power?

Cause he’s a 5* and Chao isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

In seriousness tho, I’m not sure… I guess the game is really designed to push people towards getting and levelling 5* heroes over 4* and 4* over 3* etc…

Thanks for the heads up tho, not something I’d ever looked into personally. Will be taking powers with a grain of salt now!

As you may know, we give a small bonus in the power based on the rarity of the hero. We do this to reflect the fact that the specials of the rarer heroes tend to be more powerful.

Quote from developer @mhalttu


Thanks, but this is not just small bonus, they have 100 point difference in defense stats, and from what I understand, defense points counts for most among the 3 in power calculation.

This explains it!

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True, but it’s also not a small difference in the power of their specials either.

596 * 4.5 = 2682
607 * 3.15 = 1912

But in general regardless of power rating a 4.70 4* > a 3.70 5*.

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Except for Seshat :smile:

It’s the other way around, but I get what you mean.

I meant in terms of usage. And yes, there are exceptions. Frida too.

It is not. A maxed 4* hero is better than a 3.70 legendary, that’s a fact. He said, “regardless of power rating”

Btw, this is the main reason for a new player to work at 4* heroes in the first months. Comparing “twin” heroes, the epics are better: maxed Grimm > Isarnia 3…70, Kelile > Marjana 3.70, Triton > Poseidon, Colen > Azlar and so on… Besides, the 4* heroes may be emblemed and this is the greatest advantage upon 3.70 legendaries.


That and the fact you can probably take two 4* from 1.1 to 4.70 in the time it takes to get a 5* from 4.1 to 4.80.

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This is one of the reasons why I completely ignore hero/team power numbers when analyzing a raid defense or offense. I would actually prefer that hero/team power be removed from the game entirely since those numbers only seem to cause confusion.


I agree.

In General.

For base stats

But some specials are worth it at 5* 3.70

So depending on your roster

Mostly I use hero power to quickly reroll in raids and to tell my multiple Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Proteus, etc. apart ( see we can not give heroes nicknames or notes ).

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Rarity(hotm, s2, event, etc) and *(3,4,5) level are taken into account in the hero powers

A base level(1/1) 5* has higher power rating than a base level 4*

Well as both increase as they are leveled, the 5* stays higher than the 4* cause it had a higher start point

Hero power is typically how strong a hero is in comparison to other heroes at same * rating. Comparing a 3/70 poseidon to a 3/70 joon makes more sense than comparing a 4/70 chao to a 3/70 poseidon…(without getting into emblems and the mathematical break down of the hero power formula)

I agree.

Click if new player or more details

Food and Hero XP

In my opinion the main reason for 4* 4.70 is 5* 4.80 heroes take 3.84x food and 2.12x Hero XP ( in general when comparing 4* 4.70
versus 5* 4.80 ).

So 4x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( and then 2x rainbow 4* 4.70 teams) much more cost effective than 1x rainbow 5* 4.80 team when first starting in Empires.


In my experience, the main reason for 5* 3.70 is special skill, color stacking, and lack of 4* hero that fits the same role in your roster.

Looking at you yellow 5* 3.70 Vivica / Joon ( yellow 4* heroes are a sorry bunch ).


Color stacking

Color stacking, Empires hidden buff

If you look at these 2 images, what do you think?

The Stats for Liana is much lower than Gaedeirus, but her power is just a little bit lower??? How come?

Not a Bug.

Best explanation into the Cost Power (CP) by @Garanwyn
CP Calculation - #15 by Garanwyn

Discussion on exactly the same topic:

Another thread which goes through “How to Calculate Team Power - Inc. Troops”

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Thanks. Then I would blame the dev. The base power from hero rarity is an illusion that has no real intrinsic value to the rarity but rather an arbitrary number. The illusion gets worse for older 5* because their skills aren’t as good as new ones. This the power calculation is just a fake to make players feel good about all 5* while in reality it is for those who have newer heroes only.

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