Hero Placement Shift

Okay so my current defense team is as follows (all of which are max lvl, excluding Tyr which is tier 4 lvl 32 atm) Magni, Kunchen, Telluria, Tyr and Poseidon. What I’d like to know is…is it worth me switching my Magni hero with Tyr since Magni is better then Tyr (pure stats wise not taking abilities into considertion). Magni is only beaten by Tyr in defense (Tyr has aprx 90 more defense at his current lvl then Magni at max lvl).

Just wondering if I’ll have a better chance at winning defensively if I move those two or should I just keep them the way they are?

Yes, Tyr-Kunchen-Telluria-Magni-Poseidon would be better (another option would be Poseidon-Kunchen-Telluria-Magni-Tyr but the first one is better since Poseidon can oneshot a hero with Kunchen’s debuff).

Tyr is also a good wing, while Magni needs to be a flank so that the defence buff can be applied to 3 heroes (as opposed to only 2 when he is at wing).

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