Héro offre the month


Hello I just used an epic hero token and I got the hero of the month perse the problem is that 10 minutes after the game to drink … He made my token and my delete perse. Thank you to solve this problem to fold quickly or otherwise I desinstale the game thank you


You used your epic token, got Perseus, and then ten minutes later he vanished? Is that correct?

To be sure: you weren’t upgrading another hero and accidentally ate Perseus?


Yes that’s exactly it. . No I did not go wrong besides I was going up the
level of perse…rendez me my hero please I just spent 65euros on your game


Okay, SG doesn’t do refunds, but it sounds like there might be a game glitch in this case. Please contact Game Support for further assistance:



I do not want to be refunded I just want to recover my perso hero thank you