Hero Of The Month Summon

So, can anyone tell me how the hero of the month summon works? Has anyone ever gotten a hero of the month?

I have. I received Natalya and delilah. Basically you summon from and event, epic or elemental (300 gems) and you get a chance for a summon of a hotm. Mine were bonus summons. Ex: I summoned boldtusk from a fire elemental summon and received Natalya. I summoned Gan ju from epic summon and received Delilah.

فعلاً هذا ما يحدث معي

Ooooooh okay! Thank you!!

It’s also a big chance. You could try 20 pulls and not get it.

Ahhhh. Okay. So keep trying and maybe get lucky lol

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I just did 8 10x pulls and didn’t get one so random isn’t even the word anymore.

Every epic, elemental, or event summon has a small chance of getting the HotM. It’s all random - I did 50 pulls during this event without getting Aeron, but got Musashi back in September off a single epic hero token.

Random is definitely random. Did 7 10x pulls in February and 7 10x pulls in March. I got 0 Zelines and 5 Delilahs.

I made 38 pulls last month and got 3 Delilah. And 104 pulls this month and got 6 Aeron

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