Hero of the month: Natalya question

What does “Deals extra damage against Nature” actually mean?
Like in percent or something.
(Sorry @Rook if thats the wrong category)

If it’s not on the card, I don’t know, but surely someone has tested it?

looks around shifty-eyed at the crowd :grin:

It means Caedmon does extra damange.

She’s asking the percentage of damage Caedmon (or other green) would do. :wink:

It has nothing to do with how much damage a green card DOES, but how much damage a green card will RECEIVE when Nat’s special hits them.


Release notes 1.8:
Certain Special Skills deal extra damage against opposing elements. This effect is decreased from 150% to 140%. Heroes currently affected : Hel & Athena.

I suppose its the samefor natalya. So it should be 140%.


In other instances, the additional damage will specify when the special skill is used. Since it’s not mentioned here, I wonder if red blocks also cause additional damage to green enemies.

Not outside the standard doubling for strong tiles.

Nat’s extra damage is 20% rather than the 40% of the single strikers. 205 -> 247 in my case

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In decembre my TC 20 gives me marjana. yesterday it gives me Elena and today I got Natalia. I’m pretty sure I will not ascend elena but now I don’t know which one to ascend.

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Between Marjana and Natalya, I choose Natalya. Mana control is a big deal, and I also like her higher attack stat, adding extra damage to red tiles.


The card says deals extra damage against Nature, doesn’t specify how much. Any beta testers know?

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Wait your tc20 gave you a hero of the month. Crazy

Not me. It was @AlexMex who said he got Natalya. Seemed ambiguous whether he got it from TC20 or (more like) from a summons.

I got elena from TC20 on december 31st and I got a natural chest on january 1st that rewards me two heros token and one troup token. From them I got Natalya and a 4* red troup. A perfect beginning for 2018 :slight_smile:


You must be living right! Congrats on the great hero pulls.

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It’s says 700 damage on the event screen but I have Natalya maxed out special and it’s says 460?image|281x500

You have to max her level out fully

I have Natalya she is not that great, leveled up once, may improve after being maxed if that e er happens.

One really can’t asses the quality of a 5* until it’s at 3/70 or so, and they don’t hit their stride until 4/30 or so (depending on the hero). Even if you’ve got Natalya’s special at 8/8, its damage is still tied to her attack stat and so grows with power as you leave her up.

The opinions expressed about Natalya mostly come from the beta testers, who tried her out fully ascended, and/or those who quickly ascended her. Anchor and his 7DD buddies give Natalya a “B” rating overall, which is informed by a lot of play-testing. That matches my experience with her in beta. Among the 5* reds, she’s good but not exceptional—which I think is exactly where she should be. If you have the depth of bench, she’s not your go-to hero in every fight, but in some situations she can dramatically tilt the odds in your favor. I think she’ll be particularly good in challenge events, where mana control against the bosses is valuable. I would also pick her in raids against Alberich, Locke or Morgan, where you’d really rather that their special didn’t fire. Overall I prefer Marjana for her upfront damage.


,she is my 1st 5 star . I now must decide on leveling natalya to thirg level or scarlet to 4th level. any suggestions?

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