Hero of the Month: Musashi

How would you guys rate Musashi compared to the other 5-stars?

Is he a “Must have” or could a “world class team” manage withouth him?

Anyone got him yet?

I have used 20 000 gems… Still not getting him :frowning:


I really like him - fast mana for a multi-hitter is pretty nice. I’ll be trying to get him too…even though i’m not 100% sure I understand the “heals 40% of dealt normal damage” ability. I take this to mean he is gaining back health, and assume it means that if I then do damage with yellow tiles he gets a healing boost from said attacks. But I’m not clear on that - seems like a great hero either way.


20.000 Gems…woah, that’s a lot. Even if you didn’t get Musashi, I’m sure you have now a lot of 5*
But I’m wondering too, about the Chance to get the Hero of the month…
Maybe 1% so that you have to purchase 10 Packs. (That would make a hundred cards, so 1%)


I don’t have him but guess that he, as the card says, heals 40% if damage dealt through normal attacks for 5 rounds. If attacking that would mean that during the rounds the special is in effect he will heal when you attack by switching his colour tiles.

I am not sure about him. Not very exited yet. I also already have joon as my only yellow 5s and I don’t think it worth it to swap out blind for healing and spreading out the damage.

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I take it as if his special does 500 damage to the main target, and 250 to the ancillary ones, he gets 40% of the 500 damage so 200 back, now, if it’s 200 for 5 turns that is a huge benefit, if it is over 5 turns (i.e. 40 per turn) that seems very blah.

Evan - 20,000 gems? That is nuts. I mean, at that spend you should just be able to send them $100 to buy a hero versus drop $200 to not even get it!


Man that’s a lot of gem’s


This card was poorly written as no one has a firm grasp on me hanics and we’ll have to wait until someone geys him and comments or we go against him in raids.
Related note: Why the term “the caster?” Wouldn’t Musashi be clearer and easier to understand at a glance?


In my team I have; Athena, Ares, Sartana, Lianna and Leonidas

For backup I got: Justice, Azlar, Magni and Rigard

So I am pretty well setteled, but always wants to have the best…

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Totally understand that!
I tried the epic summon again, 5 Min ago and my best hit was Boril. The rest 3*

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Finally GOT HIM… I had to by 40 000 gems in total…

In my last to summons (20 heroes): Cyprian, Boril, Little JOhn, Melendor, Kelie, Gormek and Scarlett as the best… NO 5 stars except Musashi :slight_smile:


Dagi - so Musashi cost you $400?

Yes… Addicted to the game im afraid :frowning:

Please update this thread after you see his mechanics in work.
Thank you

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Haha - well, you’re certainly building a heck of a team.


Yep. Leveling him up now…

Level 27 in 2nd yellow arrow…

Think Musashi works like this…

His weapon is cool. Deals damage to 3 enemies (like Athena).

If an enemy hits you with a damage of 100 he will lose his 100, but then regain 40% of the dealt 100. So in reality he only gets 60 damage… (for 5 turns)

Thats what I thought. Should read “Musashi heals 40% of received normal damage to himself” as that is much clearer


is it really like that. i thought it heals itself for 5 turns from attacking damaging the enemies?

lol He’s weak and heals are not as good. For the hero of the month it’s a waste of gems. Leo , Justice, Li Xiu, or other yellow are way better. Save your gems guys.

I want to know when someone–anyone!–obtains the HOTM hero without spending money.

sits down and waits