Hero Of The Month Event



So new players are wanting a chance to snag past featured Heros Of The Month. I was thinking that there’s 5 elements. 12 months. So why not twice a year do Hero Of The Month challenge that brings back past heros of the month into rotation in event for 3 days. Set it up like any other challenge event but with the Heros Of The Month instead of new/ past challenge event heros. If you do one every 6 months you could use a different hero from each element each event. Plus long term you could even use random hotms in the events instead of just the ones that have appeared in the past 6 months. Just a thought. Feedback welcome.


I’m curious how you’ll split the rewards for completation, beginner/intermediate/advanced, rank.

Oh, and maybe the ideas section was a better place to post it.


New to forum lol I’ll transfer it there later. My bad man.


Split the rewards the same as any other challenge event including hotm avatars. Plus if giving a specific hotm as a reward is a problem, then possibly give out a challenge summon that randomly summons one instead or even make the new hero of the month for that month as a reward for 1st place in event score. Game mechanics are all already there, just changin the surface a bit. Should be pretty doable in my opinion. If i need to I’ll run it by a software engineer that plays this game and see what he thinks and come back with more elaboration and ideas for this concept