Hero of the Month as a "Bonus Summon"?

It would be great if someone from @EmpiresPuzzles could clarify what is meant by “A new, limited-time hero can be gained as a Bonus Summon from any Epic or Elemental Summon”.

I assume this means that each month there will be a new hero and that after a month elapses you won’t be able to get that hero anymore, but what is a “Bonus Summon”? Does that mean that when you do your first Epic/Elemental summon that month that you automatically get the Hero of the Month? Is that as a replacement for or in addition to (hence “bonus”) the hero you would have normally gained? Or does it mean that the Hero of the Month is added to the regular hero pool and that your chance of getting them is no better or worse than your chance of getting any other hero?

If the Hero of the Month is an automatic draw, I think that is a really cool way of rewarding players who joined early and stick around and maybe incentivize a small purchase each month (and I do think that the developers should be compensated for the good work they do which is why I bought the Starter Pack). But if the Hero of the Month is just added to the pool for a limited time then I’m concerned because the cost of multiple draws each month to just try and get the hero before they vanish forever would quickly become prohibitively expensive and maybe price people out of the game.

And I have a suggestion that I think would address those concerns so that everyone benefits, but before I get too concerned or write that up I’d like to make sure I understand the situation.

Thanks! :smile:


I very much doubt that you get the monthly as an automatic 2nd hero when you do the summons. I am sure it just means they are tossed into the mix for the month.

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I agree with dafrca. Most games I’ve played they introduce new cards into the game on a monthly basis or bi-weekly basis. This is to keep the high paying players interested in spending more money. It also gives the F2P chances at getting this new special card. Right now you pretty much see the same cards over and over in matches with the exception of bunnies from time to time.

With this new monthly bonus summon the developers can give everyone a free heroic token each month for that small chance to net something good, sort of a gift once a month for playing the game. Right now everything is a grind, would be nice for a small freebie monthly.


That is what I suspect as well, but I could be pleasantly surprised. There is enough ambiguity in the phrase “Bonus Summon” that I would have liked clarification.

My idea was that the developers could make a “Hero of the Month” token available as a once-a-month purchase for some small amount effectively making the Hero of the Month akin to a subscription reward. Maybe add it as a bonus to your first gem purchase each month? “Support the game with X dollars each month, receive the super spiffy, limited edition hero!”

Adding the Hero of the Month to the draw pool plus adding a once-a-month purchasable token would mean that:

  • F2P players could try and win the hero like normal
  • Modest-but-paying players would be guaranteed to not miss out on content due to chance
  • High-paying players could play the lotto for duplicate awards to level up faster

I absolutely want to support the game, but I hate the idea of permanently missing out on content despite paying due to bad luck. Usually you can supplement your bad luck with more time, but not when there’s a limited window.

I just saw today’s 1.4 Release Notes post and again it says “A new, limited-time hero can be gained as a Bonus Summon from any Epic or Elemental Summon.”

The phrase “Bonus Summon from any Epic or Elemental Summon” still gives me hope. Especially the “any” part because why would you gain a dark hero from a non-dark elemental summon if it wasn’t a “bonus”? So please consider this thread as a hopeful but kind of concerned request for clarification and not a preemptive freak out.

I’d love to be pleasantly suprised!


Oh I am with you that I would love it if they did give them as a bonus or somehow made it easier to get them during the month. I am also with you that a clarification would also be nice. :relaxed:

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So now that it’s out, any news on how it works?

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Anytime you do a summon, you have a chance to get her along with whatever you summoned. She is not part of the regular pool, she shows up after your summon as a “BONUS DRAW”

What I want clarified is: when you buy a 10 pack, is that 10 chances at Hel, or only 1?

EDIT: fyi, I have Hel already, a 10 elemental summon did not get her, but a single Epic Hero summon did as a second hero.


Thank You @Penari for sharing with us. Nice to know for sure. :relaxed:

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This makes it sound like doing individual pulls for Hel increases your chances.

This is what I want clarified, because it’s very vague for the moment. A second pull of 10 heroes gave nothing later.

Who else has received Hel? How many of what kind of summons did you do to get her?

I’m wondering what the size of the effective pay wall is. I did one Epic Summon and did not receive her. @Penari did 10 Elemental Summons + 1 Epic summons for a total of… 2900 crystals? So they spent $30 to get Hel then dropped another 2600 crystals to not get a second one? Are they lucky or unlucky?

And we are supposed to repeat this process every month?

I have to say that I dislike where this is going: I like to support people who provide a product or service that I enjoy, but I also know how slot machines work and that’s not the sort of relationship that I want to have with a business. Some chance is exciting, but this change with a pay wall of this size gives me the impression that Small Giant sees us not as customers to be served but sheep to be fleeced.

I do not plan to. I figure this is a case of picking and choosing. I do not need a five star purple anyway, so I do not care if I get her. But later I might care if I want the color or specific hero they offer in the future. I do not think they plan on us getting every one otherwise we would fill up our hero allotment too fast.

Just my opinion of course. :relaxed:

I am admittedly a completionist. I like to get 100% on games and would totally have one of every hero, even the 1* ones, for the sake of doing everything if I had the inventory space. Which is why limited time content behind an unreasonably high pay wall irks me as much as it does.

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That is fair, and I can understand it. I just gave up on that dream the moment I realized I would never have room for them all and still be able to play the game. :grinning:

But I do understand what you are talking about, I have been accused of being a completest myself in some areas of my hobby life.

I did 5 EPIC summons and 1 300 gem elemental summon and I didn’t get her.

Got five 3* cards and one 4* card (Green Gandalf healer guy).

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@Ciadel Keep in mind that I got what I paid for. I didn’t spend 2600 and “get nothing” I got 10 heroes… that’s what I paid for. I just happened to get her on my next single summon. I still NEEDED those extra heroes for leveling… so it’s not like I’m getting ripped off.

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I checked with RubiKinga earlier today. She confirmed that you get 10 chances at getting the bonus summon of Hel when you do a 10x epic or special summons. :relaxed:


Thanks @Coppersky and @Rubaking


Coppersky, can we have an explanation of this.

Yes, I know the original thread is as old as the game, but questions have arisen.

Specifically, how does the bonus mechanic work vs single pulls.

You get X% chance per each event, epic, or elemental summon you do during that month to get a HOTM as a bonus draw. A 10x summon gets 10 separate rolls; people have gotten more than 1 HOTM from a 10x roll. The actual X% isn’t shared.

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