Hero of the day? (HOTD)

Forget HOTMs, they’re all outdated. HOTDs are all the craze now!

I love how they want to put these heroes to be as mysterious as possible right down to the class. And then they goofed up and showed this :rofl:


Maybe he’s just chicken!!! :man_shrugging:

I cant get classic 5*s to show up, takes me like 500pulls to get one…

So this HOTD at 0.1% chance is just as pointless as the 99.99£ offers on my screen, NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Lol

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I shall call them ‘HOTDOGs’ from now on which stands for ‘hero of the day, (these) overpowered gremlins’

What annoys me is they add these mystery heroes when the current portal options are terrible. I dont want to pull from the Portals that are available during this 24 hour window. They are crap. Hence I have no chance at a mystery hero.

Oh yes, everyone sure wants to get a knave of hearts or a Timothy :rofl:

No HOTDOG for you this time round

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Hotd secret hidden hero today.20 character best