Hero not registered to use costumes

He is not maxed I’m level 63 never finished him he wasn’t good enough for my mono blue teams prior

That’s how I understand it dosen’t have to be it’s not alowing me to do anything just says u dont have this hero on your roasted

Go to your roster and chose Richard…at bottom of hero card you should now switch from costume to normal and vice versa.

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I have attempted multiple times the option does now exist I have people on my team that can I do not have the option that they have on the hero I have restarted the game and restarted my phone not sure why it’s not working just need someone to look at my account please thank you

The costume card is gray and says u do not have this hero

Nobody here can look at your account.

Of you truly believe it’s a bug, contact support:

Please send screen shot of costume and of your Richard in your roster…

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You mixed up Richard and Rigard…


Rigard and Richard are different heroes.
First is a 4* dark.
Second is 5* blue
You have second one.


Thank you I didn’t realize

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Are they both full ascended? Only then you can use the costume

Wrong. You can use a costume on an unleveled hero but can never level a costume higher as the hero. The Problem is that @Ikickurbooty does’t have Rigard. He has Richard but no costume for him.


I was able to use the costume on Brienne she’s fully leveled. And now I am leveling her up while she’s in costume

Is your Brianne in your raid tournament defence?

Just to point it out again…


Right now? No she is in my bench for any event

Yup I’m an idiot lol sry yall

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