Hero not levelling

It’s a very old project, done out of sheer bloody-mindedness.

I also occasionally use him on the Rare/Beginner Event.

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you still have 3 Gunnars?))) They have so little attack… Not good for Event. I have Layla max :smiley: That’s my first hero :smiley: I Can’t feed her to someone else)) My hands can’t do that)))

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Heh. I had a number of 3* duplicates while collecting 4*. (My favorite 2* is Layla; I will not delete her).

Until I have 30 maxed 4/5*, I’ll keep any maxed 3* for a war bench, but naturally I’m always leveling my 4*. :wink:

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@Rook and @_SG I understand you. Love Layla, and she reached 8/8 before final ascension. I’ll eventually have her at max level. And can never feed her.

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This is my Boldtusk the 2nd, I’ve planned to max his special and then leaving his level to 3.60
I’ve trained him with

This is Grimm the 5th, for now I’ve feed him with

Random is random, in the Grimm the 5th case even if my success rate is 50% atm the chance were still 20% for each try, same for the unfortunate Boldtusk the 2nd, until I changed my feeding method to 2%/try due to 3 skill level left before 3.60.

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Nashgar, Berden and Brienne are the worst. The only way I could get them to 8/8 was to get duplicates of them (4) for a 100% chance. Nashgar stops at 7 for me and Berden and Brienne stop at 6. After they reached 50, I put another 30 (of the same color 2*) into them with no change to the ss.

I am having similar issues. No heroes have gained a skill point since the patch. It feels like something has changed.

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Nothing has changed. Even though Bane didn’t skill up even after my 4th 10 merges, Cyprian evolved with 14%.

It’s RNG, and RNG gonna RNG.

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Yep, random is random, for example my Chao is at level 60, but…

While my Alasie, halfway through her first ascension, has already 4/8 special ability.

Wait so are you saying now that even ascensions don’t give you a level up on the special ability? I took kiril from 0 to level 1 Ascension and he did not gain any extra special abilities. He is still Level 1 on his special even though I ascended him which used to automatically be a level up at least.

It’s not happening to everyone, because I took Horghall from 1 to 8 since the last update.

If it truly is a bug, maybe it’s limited to one operating system?

No, it seems that 4x identical heroes will not be a 100% chance of leveling up a special skill. I saw a thread stating it is like a 10x pull where each spin is unique. Supposedly poster did what was thought to be guaranteed only to find an rng event.

Has anyone seen a release note or whatever devs put out that says a 4x 25% equals 100%?

BTW, took forever to level Gretel’s skill but made it. OTOH, I still have Azlar at7/8 from way back.

Ascensions should give skill points. Can ypu take a screenshot of your kirill on second chevron and 1/8 skill?

that’s interresting. some heroes seem to level pretty fast. like my red hood. already maxed before her third promotion.

I believe I know what you are referring to, but I was under the impression that is more referring to summons (e.g. each pull of a 10x pull is an individual chance of getting at a HoTM), so the end result of a 10x pull on an Epic/Elemental/Event summon can yield multiple copies of HoTM.

I haven’t had too many identical copies of heroes I am trying to max specials just yet. The only one was having a 7/8 Gunnar and I ended up acquiring 4 copies of him and fed all 4 to himself, and that line says chance of increasing special skill level 100% seemed pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Surely enough, I finally maxed him out at 8/8. I have a few 3* left to max out and currently stockpiling multiple identical copies of those heroes at the moment.

If anyone failed to level up a hero’s special skill by feeding 4x identical copies of the hero, I would sure like to see it brought up.

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Disregard. The acension apparently didnt take as when i went back in it showed he hadnt been ascended. Weird. Anyway, i will say though that for every other hero i have ascended, when i feed identical colors when leveling i usually get at least one skill improvement if not more per acension level but not one this time. Maybe just ultra bad luck. I hope nothing was changed in last update otherwise. Sorry for the confusion.

This is a pic from an experiment I’m doing. I’ve been feeding Ulmer only other 3* Ulmers one at a time. In 6 feeds, he leveled 4 times.

Poor Kiril…Alasie stole all his luck…


Btw, his special didn’t level up until about level 60.

For the first time in 9 months I am having level up problems. Merlin is giving me serious grief

Tried every trick I read here and nada!

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