Hero not levelling

Ok I’ve put 40 red 1*,2* plus over 20 other 1*,2* trainees to Nashgar and his special has not increased from 6…what gives

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I had Scarlet do similar. She was sitting at 2 for the longest time. By the time I got her to 60 (as far as she will go for now) she is at 7.

Trainer heros are not a good way to get the special to increase. They say they reduce the chance.

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I haven’t used trainers just. I’m now pushing 70 trainees 1*,2* and he hasn’t moved from 6 to 7 on his special

I posted a suggestion yesterday to at least increase the % chance when a hero is maxed.
Throw it some votes :slight_smile:

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Okay. It seems that there are problems to level the heroes. Also I am training 5 heroes at the same time and in 4 days, none of them have uploaded their ability.
In another section @Rook gives a solution that seems to work. And it is to train the heroes only with heroes of 1 * of the same color. :wink:

@rook has it right. It may be painfully slow but in all cases I ensure that I only feed 1* same color until special is maxed, or will max with ascension (meaning if it’s tier 3 and hits 7/8 I know on moving to tier 4 it will hit 8/8).

Yes, it seems really deflating when you kept feeding the feeder heroes to a level maxed hero whose special was not maxed in that it seemed quite wasteful that the XP that could’ve been sent to leveling other heroes experience points (and their specials). So I’ve end up only leveling my 3* and above heroes with only 1* of the same color, and 1 at a time. Any 2* feeders took priority into being given to heroes of the same colors but already have specials maxed, followed by heroes of different colors whose specials are maxed.

Alternatively, to make absolutely sure you get a special up, you just got to collect 4 identical heroes, that will get you a guaranteed 100% special ability level up. However, it is also very easy to second guess oneself and think using each identical individually will have at least 1 up. This scenario occurred to me when I had a 3^Brienne at Level 47, I had 3 additional copies of her and ability was at 5/8. If I could collect one more copy of her, I’d guarantee to get her one level up. But I took a gamble and thought 25% should be pretty good chance already. So I fed one Brienne at a time. End result, she got pretty close to max level, but her special sat at 5/8. “Almost” nothing can be more deflating than that. She’s now at 6/8, and that additional pop was from a 1* green I gave her this one time (2%). Odds are funny huh?

So finally got him to special level 7…took a total of 73 trainees…lol so 100 to get him to 8?

Seems not to be a problem with trainers. I find it hard for quite a while to get the special skill leveled up. Got many new heroes and always feed them with 10 of same color. Usually gived me a chance of about 30% but I even got 4* heroes at tier 3 with Special only at 4. Usually they are maxed at that point. This was my experience for all my other 4 and 5*s.
BTW: I am level 42 and play for more than a year so I really have experiance…

Sorry the hero i discibed above is maxed meanwhile but here is another current expamle

I only used 10 of same Color and had always 30%+ Chance…

again I leveled up with a chance of 34%. Now at level 41 but no improove of special skill :frowning:

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I had a tough time with Wu. Don’t remember if it was this bad but he eventually got there in the end.

Just kept feeding yellows.

I have an infamous maxed Gunnar who never made it higher than 3/8.

I definitely recommend one 1* at a time if your special seems frustratingly frozen.


Told ya… Your Gunnar come in handy as show and tell some day.

You might as well post the pic to quell the “Pics or it didn’t happen” crowd.

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I have three now. The infamous one is all the way to the left:

Yeah, odds are horrible sometimes. I had Brienne having skill up twice in a row with 2%, yet my Bane sits at max level and 6/8 even after three sessions of 30%.

Special Skill leveling is a wild ride. I have Squire Wabbit (red 3*). Started leveling him up (2 times 10 red heroes) and each time I got +1 special skill. Then it stopped for like 4 tries (each times I was feeding him 10 heroes). But then some miracle must have happened bc I started feeding him 3-4 red heroes at once and managed to max him before his last ascension.

4* and 5* are easier to max since there are more levels overall so you have more chances. From my observations, when you have your 4* or 5* at second ascension the special skill seems easier to level up. But that might be just luck :slight_smile:

Ooooh… The Trifecta, the Triumvirate, the Triforce… Looks like you just might be going for 3/8 Gunnar x 3?

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I’m experimenting. The Gunnar to pull ahead will eat the other two.

And 50 points to Hyrule for mention of “Triforce”! :grin:


keep trying man, one day you will max him 8|8))) 4* star heroes doesn’t have that problem. 3* heroes to max till 8|8 is a lottery :smiley:

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@Rook, why are you leveling up Gunnar? Where you use them???

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