Hero not generating mana

Since the last update I’ve had several instances of heroes not receiving Mana when I matched tiles.I thought my mind may have been messing with me at first,but sure enough,there it is.I matched a five tile of the same color twice in a single battle,watched the Mana drain down to Mother North and…nothing.I’ve observed this several times with several heroes.Not often,but enough to notice.Anyone else had this problem?

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That’s what I thought.If I were complaining about how unfair war matches are or the supposed “randomness” of boards,I would have a hundred responses to go along with the dumpster fire I started.But when I point out a serious and blatant problem,I get crickets. Doesn’t matter,I guess.I would just get the whole “it’s all in your head,it just seems that way” line


That issue has been reported already under Bugs & Issues, and there’s been a dev response that it’ll be fixed.

My apologies.Thank you, very much

This is not the same problem as I’m having.My Mana wasn’t visually decreasing,it wasn’t moving at all

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