Hero not ascended and gems removed

On July 31st at 9:30 am PST, I tried to ascend my blue hero and it removed about 600 gems but Did Not ascend the hero. Instead, it filled up my food and I received a note indicating that I did not have the required materials to ascend my hero. I understand now that I did not have the required materials but it should Not have removed the gems. Please return the gems to my account and return the food level to where it was before it was filled. I will wait until I have the materials before I try to ascend my hero again. Thanks.

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Are you sure you were ascending a hero? It doesn’t cost gems to ascend

If you don’t have enough food to ascend, game offers you food refill with gems but the player didn’t have all ascension materials required.

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That makes sense. I’ve never been short on food .

600 gems seems expensive for food

What also could have happened was that you had the needed ascension materials, but your food storage was not high enough to keep all the food needed for the ascension. So you bought max food and it wasn’t enough, thus the error. You still got the food you paid for. Or then you didn’t have the items.

Silly I admit, that it doesn’t check your materials or food storage size before that before doing the food buy deal. You should write support@smallgiantgames.com if you want them to consider a refund.