Hero Nationalities

Is Telluria the 1st Hero to have a nationality?

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Telluria can’t be from Canada; Canadiens are nice (when they aren’t playing hockey).


took me a few seconds to understand this, eh.

Wonder how many people will actually get the reference

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Thank you :slight_smile: 20 likes for you

First time I saw that special, I did think Oh Canada for some odd reason.

Gee I wonder what nationality is Jean-Francois in his sweet musketeer uniform.


There are too many points on that leaf, unless we’ve gained a couple provinces I don’t know about.

I don’t think that this is purposeful.

E&P is like Star Trek, every whatever has its justification, no matter if inuit, arab, black, white, dark, holy, creature, animal, robot, eastern, western, northwest, southeast, dead or alive.

Play without prejudices. :wink:


JF: Je suis Quebeçois!

There could be some Newfoundland, or we could break up those huge territories, although I bet they would have Nunavut

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