Hero name request – Katerina

Hello developers, my 5year old is giving me grief because she does not have a hero with her name(katerina) her cousins Athena and Ellena all watch me play and I am forced to use them when they watch, please add a katerina to your hero roster.

Could we do one better and make a hero with a blank name, which can be custom named to any name? I’m sure my wife would love the idea of having a hero named after her! (make her special complaining tho so it matches :joy:)


How can they not have a hero called Princess :joy:

I wonder if you’d dare to name that hero after your ex :sweat_smile:

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@Duche Awsome :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i’m in.

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Totally the strongest hero off all, they have taken down some great men.

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Hero β€˜nicknaming’ is actually a very cool idea

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