Hero name meaning


I am curious of the meaning of the heroes name according to different custom and tradition, so I look around and search a couple. I would be glad if you can share what is the meaning behind their name according to your tradition. So, let me start…

Joon means Dear in the Iranian/persian farsi language. It is most fequently used in terms of affection and attatched to ones name. Joon can also mean hottie. In a sense it’s used like the word babe or baby.

Disclaimer : I’m not persian, got this from internet.


There are a lot of heroes who are named after mythological figures:
Ares- Greek god of war
Athena- Greek goddess of war and wisdom, also hated Ares.
Hel- Norse goddess of death/queen of the underworld
Perseus- Greek hero
Alberich- Another name for Oberon, king of the elves in Merovingian Europe. Especially appropriate since his special, Midsummer’s Dream is a reference to the William Shakespear play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. In the play, the king of eleves plays a major role.
Leonidas- Named after the Spartan king of historical fame for the Battle of Thermopolae.
Thoth-Amun- Thoth is the Egyptian god of knowledge. Thoth-Amon was an evil sorcerer in the Conan book series. Amun was also a major Egyptian diety.
Musashi- Inspired by Miyamoto Musashi, a famous historical samurai from the late 1500s Japan.
Li Xiu- Figure from Chinese history. Took over a military command after her father was killed in battle with rebels, and subsequently defeated the rebels.
Wukong- Named after Sun Wukong, the Monkey King from Chinese mythology.
Khagan- Mongolian title equal to emporer.

Too tired to remember any others.


Justice seems a clear nod to Ancient Greek and Roman personifications of justice as a blind woman wielding a sword and scales. The E&P legend looks a lot like a Greek statue come to life.

Azlar seems a play on Aslan, the lion and rightful King of Narnia in the C.S. Lewis series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

Sartana looks very similar to Disney’s Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty, which is itself an adaptation of the Medieval German folk tale most famously canonized by the Grimm brothers. Like Sartana, Maleficent (or the “evil fairy”) utilizes something very much like a poison, too.


Of course there’s the Arthurian legends, Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, and the rest.

Little John was an outlaw and friend of Robin Hood in Medieval British lore.

And Friar Tuck was a Christian monk from that same tradition.

There was a “Sir Richard” included in some of the Robin Hood ballads, but it seems a slim connection, outside the namesake, to the E&P hero. Richard was considered in many versions of the stories to be one of Robin’s “Merry Men.”

Horghall reminds me of the Ents from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but it’s been years since I read the series and will have to leave it to someone else to make a more clear connection, if there is one.


I wonder if Horghall = Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy?


Elkanen seems like he could be related to Elrond and Elros, the elven twins of Tolkien mythology. The former was the Lord of Rivendell and the latter, the King of Numenor.


Richard uses a hammer, so he appears to be a play on the phrase “big swinging ••••” (look it up if you are unfamiliar).

Perseus is from Greek mythology.


And Squire Wabbit comes from Elmer Fudd of Looney Tunes.



Magni = colossal might in old norse