Hero Museum - Discussion

The thing is that it is “figured out” but SGG don’t give a damn about it. See my previous post. And that’s even more annoying. They just have to fix those actually unreleased heroes’ release date within the game’s data to some date in the future and their slot in the museum will go away.


It will be interesting to see how many goblins arrive in the museum :thinking: .


As many as that will be available in the summon gate tomorrow :+1:


I want the developers to add a counter that INCLUDES the grey unleveled heros because collecting and leveling are not the same thing - the count at the top only included fully leveled heros…it would be nive just to see how many one has collected in total.

||| Would like to see a counter of all heros collected/pulled |||

Has anyone else sugested this anywhere? Is there a place better suited to suggest this improvement? Thank you.

they should give you 5 free slots with every level up or something


I sure wish they would! With all the new heroes being released now too… :slight_smile: and roster slots can get really expensive, gem-wise


Does anyone have the hero mesuem conpletely full or close to it? I would be interested to see how close to complete the highest is…

no, but I see all the 2 stars I used to have maxed out but are now sitting in a dumpster somewhere

If this is the case, that… kinda makes sense? I woulda went for the standard alphabetical order of all the ones they chose. (primary & secondary costumes would still be in the same order they’re in now)

Glad someone knew or managed to establish what the order is. I might look back at the roster itself, but with certain ones (the Map Seasons), I’d think that would be more related to family/realm or is that the second way they’re order? (i.e. S2/Atlantis Family before S2/Lagoon, S3/Asgard before S3/Midgard, S5/Moon before S5/Sun)