Hero missing, my best hero :'(

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Hello gentlemen and ladies,

my problem is my Proteus. I was leveling my heroes last night.

Is there anything you can do, he was my number one hero for my new pvp deck. I’m begging you. Thank you fir your time. I spent quite lot to get him.

I read your politics about bringin heroes back, you said it’s unfair to other people. Don’t worry about that. I’m probably dead before I can use it. :slight_smile:

I’ve lost 2 ascended heroes since I downloaded the update. Just poof…gone…almost makes me not want to play.

Ouch, that’s a serious problem.

Sorry to hear that Jani. :frowning: Please submit a support request (using the in-game support button) so we can investigate this!

I removed personal information (please don’t share full names or account identifiers) from the post.

I already did that :slight_smile:


I’ve submitted a request. No response and I just another.

@petri my id vgrao I did not receive reward for completing Raid Mastery I. Kindly revert and help to get mgl reward.

I recently upgraded to a level 12 training camp, trained a rare hero and waited the forever time limit for it to train…then when I pressed collect, nothing happened.
I didn’t get my rate hero. What happened? What do I do now

When you collect the rare hero, it goes to your Hero tab (click at bottom of screen)…

…and appears inside with a [New] notation…

If you have looked inside heroes tab, found no new heroes—and did not feed any heroes to another hero (you can accidentally feed away your new hero this way!)—then you will want to contact Game Support for help:


i picked up a hero from my recently lvl 12 training building but i never got it instead i got this icon and nothing when i click on it
please help

Hiya mate, two things:

  1. check the in game recent activity. Go to Options -> Support -> Recent activity. Just check you didnt get anything?

  2. That looks a little like a visual bug where the ! is supposed to be on the Raid thing (for the raid tournament). Try closing & restarting the app completely.

If you still aren’t sure/ don’t think you got a hero, probably best to launch a support ticket in game:

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