Hero missing during raid

Earlier today, April 19/17 when i was ready to attack somone, suddenly Wu kong didn’t join my team … and I ALWAYS bring him on on raids
I went on a fight with only 4 heroes, and the screen looked strang
I took screenshots ofcourse.
The only question is if I delered Wu from the team. And I assure you, I did not


Did you look at your team after the battle? Did it have Wu Kong?

I wouldn’t mind if you post the screenshots… :slight_smile:

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Yes I looked and took screenshot… no Wu there

So post the screenshots please?

Sorry, new here and hadn’t seen that i could load pics

I should add that i have played for months and familiar with the game that i shouldnt make newbie-misstakes & not know it …
I know there were a glitche somehow.
Btw i still have 1 handsome Wu, fully levled -:wink:

Haha lucky you. Did your yellow tiles do damage or did they do the ‚missing hero’ 1 Damage?

Nuh but lots of red gave colen boost

Sometimes when u change your raid team you click accept but the game still takes another team for you in raid than what u wanted. Happenend a few times to me - and I couldnt change my team at all. App reboot fixed that problem.

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& nothing out of the ordinary opponent … normal 60+k alliance
Everything else seem normal … just Wu didn’t join the fight … lazy cat

Maybe but i am sure nothing lagged, i didnt even touch Wu … but i was lucky

But do you have Wukong still? He’s in your roster or gone forever?
If you can choose him and take him to next raid, problem solved and who knows what happened… but if he’s gone grab a pack of tissue and start to cry