Hero/Material Transmutation

I wanted to provide a little deeper thought on the subject of Transmutation. My thought was the exorbitant amount of time required to gain the ascension materials or specific elemental hero’s necessary (which I know are offered randomly from time to time) to go in a desired direction as far as the desired Hero class or items needed to ascend the hero’s. When a person has the money to pay for ascension materials and hero’s and continually comes up short never getting the opportunity to do quests for the right materials or buy them or gets tons of the wrong heros/mats then we need something connected to the alchemy labs that allows a chance at the right ones. Transmutation–which in no way is a means to just cut corners but would provide players with the ability to take specific ingredients and the opposite elemental hero of the same * level and transmute them to the desired ascension materials for the desired classes or hero class. With no guarantee of exactly what you want but at least the correct classes one desires with a percentage of measurable success that can be increased with adding more valuable and higher levels of required materials to do a transmutation which also is shown the potential outcome for the spell in percentages. This could eliminate the excess of hero’s that sit uselessly in our ranks and drive the need to purchase even more in the effort to allow players to build the team’s they desire instead of just being thrown out junk at random and being forced to live with it. For the kind of money some of us spend or dont I see this as being an advantage to everyone, a 360° WIN. For someone who doesn’t spend as they are afforded the same options and this would definitely drive up profits and motivate others to invest in their teams who may otherwise not do so. A big win for the company by providing it another source of player consumption of materials and heros and a big win for us to finally get that last Tabard or Shield we’ve been trying to get for 4 months just to ascend which is tedious, frustrating and somewhat asinine. For a person whose put in the effort and spent hundreds or thousands of dollars and may not be able to get the part because they can’t get into some uber clan that takes down 8* rare Titans or never gets to log on and catch the right rare quest it would provide the option at least to proceed and level further which generates more need for higher level items and the purchasing of trainers, war items, etc. Anyway, we’ve all played games where transmutation was an option (I think back to Diablo and the Horadric Cube or some of the city builders like Vikings or GoW). I know that the “exchanging one item for another” has been broached a lot on here but only once that I can tell over a year ago for this somewhat costly method, transmutation. You could even make it totally random but I feel that would just about defeat the purpose and be far to costly and more frustrating. That’s my 2 cents on the subject.

Too much text for me to read but sounds like our famouse Alchemy lab.

We are still waiting for the new buldings to come up…so please wait.

Ah yes, I found it after I’d posted this going to remove it. Thanks again. We’re are well covered on this subject.

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