⚔ Hero Madness 2019 – THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Gravemaker vs. Wilbur


have to go Wilbur for a beginner he was the first decent hero i got has carried the team many times tho i am looking forward to obtaining gravemaker


I will be really sad if gravemaker wins :sob: Wilbur is more available to the masses. Ordinary players unite! 4* rule the game, 5* just give them something to chew :kissing_heart:


Nooo, Lianna :sob::sob::sob:

Well, off to my last futile attempt of stopping GM


Wilbur all the way
And those 20 characters are supporting him!


Well yeah of course annoying very fast OP creep that would totally cease to exist with a single nerf gets to the top… Well nope - Wilbur team unite!



Gravemaker all the way. He has his own short story and entry in the glossary ( see Notes )

DOT versus Buff

Gravemaker’s DOT bypasses Wilbur’s defense buff and shared damage buff allowing you to take our Wilbur’s allies, or Wilbur themself!

5* version

The Devs outright say Wilbur is a test of his special and a 5* version, or multiple 5* versions, could be coming ( Tarlak and rumored HotM Ranvir are both 5* versions of 4* Wu Kong ).

Boldtusk was a red 5* for all intents and purposes until multiple nerfs made him a true 4*. That Wilbur has not been nerf shows a 5* Wilbur could happen at any time.


Click for Notes

The wilder things tend to happen with the event heroes. HOTM this year — let’s see how it goes in 2020 — are remixing existing special components, while the event heroes have the wilder specials. When we started designing Wonderland, all bets were off, like for Cheshire Cat. We just couldn’t give such a wild skill as reshuffling to a Legendary hero — if there’s too high a risk of really breaking the balance, then that hero has to go down to a lower rarity. Once we know what we’re doing and how it will fit in the meta, then we hope to get a skill like the Cheshire Cat’s to the Legendary level. (Linky, linky)

Was Wilbur an example of that? He’s almost a 5 in a 4*'s body.*

Yes, and Merlin as well. We wanted a hero who could possess another, is a good example of a skill that was potentially too powerful for a legendary. Event heroes are designed in batches and can allow more range, while with the HotM, which are all legendary and released one by one, we are a bit more cautious and they are a bit more safe designed. With the Challenge Event heroes, we are able to be a bit wilder. This is a big topic!

The origins of GRAVEMAKER

The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


Ill go wilbur. Definitely my favorite hero

I hate GM hype cancer. Hes not fun, because hes boring to kill, you encounter him at almost every raid.

Wilbur spirit link + def is enough to beat gm as taking dmg is no longer a problem. Even better with a healer


Always looking to make an impression. However, that would require a text box on the ballot. I do not have that option. :wink:

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I will never understand how they are so many players with Gravemaker !

I hate the fact that a fisherman won over the Santa’s lady! The one who brings happiness every Christmas season!..

Gravemaker gets my vote… cuz now I just want to watch Wilbur’s world burn :boom:


Okay, technically Wilbur won’t burn cause he is surrounded by water if he is really a Fisherman


Well GM to be the Champ!


Gravemaker will try to burn :fire: Wilbur, but only hit the wooden pole. Wilbur use it as a firewood to cook the fishes :fish: as he make a Wonderful Feast :stew:. Only the wooden pole turn into ashes.

Anyway, @Kerridoc have a Gravemaker on his defense team. As @Kerridoc is Wilbur, we can conclude that Gravemaker belong to Wilbur. :nerd_face:


Gravemaker all the way. Its too easy to use Wilbur against the owner.

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Both Wilbur and Gravemaker are game changing heroes. I think that Wilbur may have more value overall due to the fact that he is much easier to obtain and is still available each month with Atlantis summons. On the other hand, prior to Gravemaker making his debut I figured that he would change the landscape of the game and he has done just that. Gravemaker remains the only 5* hero that I’ve bothered to max 2 of on the same account.

All of that being said, I’d vote for Gravemaker as the hero that has had the most impact on the game as a whole.


Wilbur, purveyor of fine seafood and butt whoopings since 2018. Vote Wilbur!


Gravemaker. Not sure anyone can beat him.


I will vote for Siewca Zaglady(GM), my first fully lvld 5*.

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Me too !! I currently vote for what feel like à good choice for me :sunglasses:


I’m voting for the hero I have. Wilbur 2:O GM.

WILBUR for champion! :wink:


You can’t do much wrong with gravemaker, but wilbur can fail you in some situation.

Gravemaker for the win.