⚔ Hero Madness 2019 – Round 6 – THE FINAL 4! Lianna vs. Gravemaker & Mother North vs. Wilbur

You know, if Lianna and Wilbur won we would have a final here without any HOTM or Event type heroes involved. That would be neat.


Yeah, I agree! That’d be really awesome. We need to try really hard to make that happen though, cause I’m afraid most people who vote don’t really read the discussion and just vote for the strongest heroes according to the game meta… But my votes will definitely be going to Lianna and Wilbur! :slight_smile:

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Mommy let Gravey look old…


I’m with you. Gravemaker and Mother North can get lost!

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Lianna wins the first battle.
Mother North wins the second one.

Final 4

Gravemaker by a mile. While my teammates call Lianna “Leggylass” in reference to Steve Jacksons fine films, Gravemaker has a short story, and an abbreviation. I expect him to get a toy line when he wins.

Mother North was one of the toughest Bosses for the Winter season event. Everyone knows her name, and has many many nicknames, usually derogatory, for her. Wilbur made it this far, but he is the only 4* in the final 4. He has no chance to take the title.


You know I am right, but click for details anyway

The origins of GRAVEMAKER

The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

Christmas Challenge BOSSes - or Mother North is so difficult to beat with a weak/unprepared team > stages 11,15,19,23

Santa's Challenge Advanced Stage 24 Completed


I vote for Lianna in round 1, and wilbur in round 2. :slight_smile:

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From Rhode island???

I was lucky to get Graver in his day, and about 2 months ago I got Lianna from TC20. The capacity of Lianna to annihilate a hero seems impressive to me, Graver needs to charge several times to be really lethal, maybe because I do not have a troop of mana for him and I still have not been able to get all the juice but my vote will be for Lianna. And Wilbur is that he has no argument, he is a beast!

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When I face lianna in a raid by the time her special goes off, the out come is normally already determined. So I’m going with Gravemaker. He’s easy enough to kill with a stack and a good board, but if you don’t get the right board, he’ll make you pay. Lianna, not so much.

And Wilbur definitely over MN. Her revive is a little annoying, but not really that bad.

So for me I pick liana over gravemaker. She is a beast of a hero. He has his strengths but she is detrimental to whomever she hits.

I pick mother north over Wilbur because her ability to revive dead teammates is deadly. This is one of 2 heros I hate to face in raids because you have to take her out before her special goes off. Wilbur gets slightly annoying but not near the trouble that she is.

North - Wish I had either. But Lianna is a one hit assassin. She is beautiful, mostly clothed and super lethal.
South - I just pulled Wilbur and can’t ascend him fast enough. He has my vote.

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Wow that vid made a point


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Mother North get lost. We ordered unhealthy fast food and not your Porridge!


Lianna for the win! She was my first fast sniper maxed, and changed so many aspects of the game for me…love that little elf girl! :heart:

Wilbur is a close second…he has also helped me a lot, mostly keeping everyone alive longer in titan battles.


It’s funny to see Wilbur in there against 5* powerhouses. I’m rooting for him to go the distance!


I’m surprised at these finalists… Never thought Lianna would get into the top 4… I have her and I have put her on the back burner for so long. To me she seems very one dimensional. I think many other heroes outshine her. Oh well. Let the masses speak haha. This was fun.

She’s a fantastic sniper. That’s huge.


Lianna/GM is the ultimate Face/Heel matchup (terminology from professional wrestling; those, plus kayfabe make for an interesting Wikihole to fall down).


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