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Hero Madness 2019!

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Round :two::arrow_right: East Bracket Official Results!

commentary by @Hrairoo

Master Lepus 53% Guardian Owl 47% -A neck and neck race to the finish, Master Lepus vanquishes the Stately Owl by a hare!
Mother North 82% Rana 18% -The Sand Queen stood no chance against the landslide crush of the Northern Chef’s steamy hot porridge.
Victor 80% Kailani 20% -Victor “lived” up to his name to advance through another night, leaving Kailani dispirited.
Yunan 51% Buddy 49% -Check mate. Yunan makes the move to the next round, leaving Buddy to prepare for the next holiday season.
Cabin Boy Peters 71% Capt. of Diamonds 29% -The fraudster, Captain of Diamonds loses to Cabin Boy in an honest pirate fight.
Santa 74% Valeria 26% -Valeria, the child of night, receives the ultimate gift from Santa, death.
Merlin 62% Guardian Falcon 38% -The beak is bust. Merlin sits back and watches as Falcon self-destructs.
Guardian Jackal 52% Hansel 48% -Jackal assassinates Hansel and takes his silly hat as a trophy. Hansel limps away from this walk-off without a shred of dignity.

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Come on Hansel slay them all !

and poor poor Rana :cry:

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Jackal/Hansel is going to be a fierce matchup.


Sticking with santa just because he has presents (and yes I like presents)


Definitely not Kailani, although she made it to 8/8 for me when Gunnar only got to 5/8. The Cinderella here is Buddy, ranger without a bow.

Kailani over Victor for me for sure. Spirit Link FTW, plus I like her design.

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Round :two::arrow_right: East Bracket: The Matchups

Guardian Owl Master Lepus -Prepare to have your stately hoity-toity Owl nest recklessly finished!
Mother North Rana -Rana looks thin, like she could use a heaping bowl full of porraige.
Kailani Victor -Victor could use a little bit of her spirit, he is so dour.
Yunan Buddy -Buddy plays chess most of the year with Yunan…as the rook.
Cabin Boy Peters Capt. of Diamonds -As Brienne’s boyfriend, he is a little pissed off right now about calling her a pest.
Santa Valeria -Their is no dusk of sorrow for the big man. He is jolly all year long.
Merlin Guardian Falcon -The not so arcane reason Merlin has no nipples is because of a blazing beak after a fight over Aife.
Guardian Jackal Hansel -Hansel had a tragic accident after his hat caught fire from an illogically place torch.

Guardian Owl - Master Lepus. Owl. He looks wise and cool. Useless…but unique. And Im bitter over Aife losing to Lepus.

Mother North - Rana. Rana looks cool! And North looks friendly, but is a hag, really.

Kailani - Victor. Kailani just looks friendly.

Yunan - Buddy. Yunan. Cause Buddy looks like he could use a slap in the face.

Cabin Boy Peters - Capt. of Diamonds. Peters, better design, better hero.

Santa - Valeria - Just because! No particular reason

Merlin - Guardian Falcon - Guardian Falcon, cause i want to see him up against Jackal!

Guardian Jackal - Hansel - See above! That, and Hansel kinda looks like a douche.

Oh Hansel vs. Guardian Jackel, interesting match.

I doubt that any hero from this roster will win in the finals, though.

Guardian Owl < Master Lepus - Owl too situational
Mother North > Rana - res ability is game changer when fired
Kailani < Victor - defence boost is nice
Yunan < Buddy - speed is the key here
Cabin Boy Peters > Capt. of Diamonds - silence way much better than killing minions
Santa > Valeria - Valeris is just not too good
Merlin > Guardian Falcon - both good, but Merlin better for Raids/Wars
Guardian Jackal > Hansel - GJ good synergy with other yellow heroes is key here

|Guardian Owl||Master Lepus| I don’t care for either, but Lepus kicked Aife. He has gone too far
|Mother North||Rana| In the first round I had to look up who Rana was…
|Kailani||Victor| Victor because he’s stronger. Don’t care about him beyond that
|Yunan||Buddy| East brackets seem to consist of all the heroes I don’t care about
|Cabin Boy Peters||Capt. of Diamonds| Silence is more useful. Minion eater can’t be used in most situations
|Santa||Valeria| She’s a bit more original than Santa and she got a buff
|Merlin||Guardian Falcon| Shredder. Merlin annoys me
|Guardian Jackal||Hansel| Ohh, some heroes I actually like. I go with Hansel since he’s a cleric and they are rare

Owl over Lepus… That self defdown sucks…
MN easy
Victor cause of the speed and def buff
Buddy imo
Diamonds cause Peter’s looks like the cabin boy that diamonds would ‘play’ with
Santa, g. Falcon and g. Jackel are all easy too imo

Guardian owl hit them
Mother North 50% I come back
Buddy elf mions
Captain of diamond steal those mions
Santa Claus give me those gifts
Merlin hit yourself
Hansel you witch

|Guardian Owl|Master Lepus|-Lepus rules every Spring.|
|Mother North|Rana|-Feed that poor waif some oatmeal.|
|Kailani|Victor|-Don’t show so much neck around those teeth.|
|Yunan|Buddy|-“Annoying elf . . can’t do much under my hat, can you?”.|
| Cabin Boy Peters|Capt. of Diamonds|-Classic David vs. Goliath, and the Capn’s been drinking on duty.|
|Santa|Valeria|-No nightmare after Christmas.|
|Merlin|Guardian Falcon|-A bigger beak won’t help if you peck yourself to death.|
|Guardian Jackal|Hansel|-Help, Gretal - I can’t handle this alone!!.|

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Guardian Owl :broken_heart: Master Lepus :heart:
Mother North :heart: Rana :broken_heart:
Kailani :broken_heart: Victor :heart:
Yunan :heart: Buddy :broken_heart:
Cabin Boy Peters :heart: Capt. of Diamonds :broken_heart:
Santa :heart: Valeria :broken_heart:
Merlin :heart: Guardian Falcon :broken_heart:
Guardian Jackal :broken_heart: Hansel :heart:

nothing to explain. you should feel)

Wow this bracket is a bit lame compared to North and South!

I’m predicting mother north and Hansel will be the top 2 of this bracket…

Guardian Owl > Master Lepus
Mother North > Rana
Kailani > Victor
Cabin Boy Peters > Captain of Diamonds
Santa > Valeria
Merlin > Gaurdian Falcon
Guardian Jackal < Hansel

My choices are:

Master Lepus
Mother North
Cabin Boy Peters

BUDDY … I neglected leveling him up for awhile. I just couldn’t take him serious. Now, I call him my little buddy and I love him!

I always take Santa in with my battles against Mother North. It just seems right :joy:


Master Lepus - Didn’t care for the condescending views of the owl. The sage moves on for me.

Mother North - Not really liking the sand color to the sand heroes. Mrs. Claus please.

Kailani - Kailani the spiritual lady moves on over the “essentially” mellower looking Vampire Lord.

Buddy - Don’t like either, but I dislike the colorless sands more.

Capt. of Diamonds - No love from me for Cabin Boy who eliminated Layla the previous round.

Valeria - The only Vampire I would like to see move on.

Guardian Falcon - Falcon punch!

Guardian Jackal - Only because I’d like to see Falcon with some company. But otherwise, there is “No” Madness if the popular choice always moves on.

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