Hero made then instantly lost in training centre

Waited 2 or 3 days to create a ‘guaranteed rare’ hero in my training camp… told it to collect but it disappeared without a trace! Not happy -_- and so difficult to report, I can only assume this is the correct way…

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Happened to two of our players before as well.

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THE same thing happened to me! I created an account to post on here but cant figure out how…

Please contact support using the in-game support button.

Here are the instructions:

Same thing has been happening to me and with troops

I lost 3 in the making last night due to wanting to change them to a different train camp. I have always been able to take away and move so it lessens the time. But not last night… lost them entirely… :slightly_frowning_face:

Was you food or recruit storage full? Because you need to be able to receive them both when cancelling a training or you’ll lose the resources.
There should also always be a warning if you are about to cancel in a situation where you cannot receive the resources.

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Errrrm @Petri … How do you think I ended up here? Lol. Either it doesn’t work on iPhone 6 or something else is wrong :wink: very frustrating I must say…

Now which button did you use? “Report a bug” takes you here, but that is the wrong button. The “support” button isvthe right one :slight_smile:

Neither at that moment were full. It honestly doesn’t matter. It happened. It’s done. I just move forward and learn from it :blush:

I just lost two uncommon heroes. I claimed them, they showed up briefly in the hero roster and then disappeared. I tried dropping the game and restarting but they were still gone. I was looking forward to these as they were useful UNCOMMON heroes.

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