Hero Lockout - Alliance War

How about if we can re-use our heroes during different battles rather than the latter, and that only the heroes that get killed are locked out from engaging in any further battles. Makes sense?
We have got to keep in mind not everyone has an endless supply of high performing heroes at their disposal, some five, some ten and so on and should they win a battle using their best heroes they also loose the ability of ever using them again during the challenge.
Yes, I seriously think it is worth looking at and trying it out as I personally believe it will work.
Once a hero is out they are out indefinitely and therefore can be replaced without having to refurbish the surviving four.
Being rewarded for an achievement rather than punished is the way to go.

Thats the way i thought it should be since the first day i ever played in a war.
But say one survives a war with 5hp left, does that hero get to play in the next battle with full health or the 5 hp that was left over? Or maybe a healing period depending on the damage and health capacity.

Okay I’m supposed to be taking a break from the forum because I tend to annoy everyone with my posts, but I have to chime in here and say NO to this idea.

You don’t have 30 great heroes? Neither do I. I have 30 halfway decent heroes that I spent a lot of time leveling up. You want to just go in with your team of 4/80 5* heroes and dominate everyone with every flag? NO! Put in work, level up 30 separate heroes (not just 5) and get mixed results on your 6 war flags like the rest of us.


It would only work if health carried over; otherwise as TGW pointed out you could dominate with only a handful of heroes. I think it is better as it is, as this rewards players for developing their squad and persisting with the game. The matchmaking system should balance out squad depth, and if you are our of depth in your alliance, maybe consider dropping down to one more suitable for your current growth.


My strongest war teams can usually wipe out similarly leveled opponents without losing a single hero; it wouldn’t be fair to my opponents if I got to reuse them. Especially if they decided to go mono colored tanks, I would just use the same mono team to crush them all. By forcing me to use each hero once and only once, I have to put some thought and strategy into which heroes I want to use for each attack. Keeps it interesting. Also increases the longevity of the game by forcing us to level up more than just the basic 5 rainbow heroes.


I hadn’t even considered the mono advantage!

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It seems like every player has a certain color that RNG favors, in my case it’s red (part of the reason why I went with a red background for my forum avatar). Luckily for me, many of my war opponents seem to like putting up green tanks on their defense teams. :grin:

If only I could reuse the same team… but no. Not only would that be unfair to my opponents, it would also take away much of the challenge for me. As much as I like to win, I don’t like easy wins.

The game has it in for a player with a missing hero color.

Like the idea of lock out on death. I have heros I use that I totally dont like. And In my alliance im always attacking well over my tp to put a dent in there defense. So I lose alot of heros lol

Since I’m one of the strongest players in my alliance (and the leader), I oftentimes have to “take one for the team”. I let our lower levels take out the weaker teams then I’m stuck going against the big boys even when they’re 300-400 TP above me. So sometimes I end up with a lower score. But other times I get really lucky, and end up taking out the whole team with 1 flag. If I could use the same teams more than once (even if the dead heroes got locked out), I would be able to take out more teams. My personal best so far is 5/6; been trying for 6/6, but that’s tough to pull off when every defense I’m attacking is a higher TP than my remaining attack teams.

That’s impressive. My highest tp is 3550, lowest 2900. Were often up against teams with tp from 3500-4000. I’m leader and have one of the highest tp. Would be nice if all my teams if I win were within 3300 range sonic could help crowd control better…

Look on the bright side—we’re allowed to reuse troops.


…for now…mwahahaha

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