Hero list resource

Can somebody create a list of all S2, seasonal, event, and hotm heroes on here? Using a format like how zeph does his beta beat with the tabs. Just screenshots, no text. It would be a helpful resource. Or tell me how to make those tabs and I’ll do it myself. Thanks!

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Do you mean tabs like this?

click for stuff

Stuff here


If you go here: https://7ddgaming.com/heroes/
You can filter on all of those options.


There are also great line chat rooms (maybe discord too?) that have all that info too.

Yes :slight_smile:
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Press the cog on the far right…

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@Sarthin has a great discord server with tons of info. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but he may have some advice for you?

I literally just want to be able to look at hero cards when that hero can’t be looked at in the game. That’s it lol. I figure others will want that too.

I actually was working on something like this but had stopped on it.

I can pick it back up.