Hero Levelling

I have been enjoying the game immensly, but I am at this point where going further becomes quite a task. The ascension materials’ rarity is a huge issue which has been widely commented in here, I have spotted nothing about hero levelling though. I think it would be a good idea to add an exp gaining system through battles, wars, titan battles and raids. I do not propose to make exp point system the main mean of leveling, but, cummon, this is an RPG! There should be a marginal gain in experience by the USE of the hero. Furthermore, this will encourage newer players to experiment and diversify their teams early on, and be more active in alliance wars and titans. With the current system we have heroes stationed in our rooster waiting in queue to be leveled up. To drag from experience, my first purple 4* was Cyprian, and we all know how crappy he is. After levelling him to third tier, I got Tiburtus and Rigard in one day! Now, I cannot stop levelling Cyprian cause it will take ages to bring either Tiburtus or Rigard in third tier with fodder, and until then my team won’t get any stronger. Gaining even a small amount of exps by use of hero would definitely reward the more dedicated and active players. You could consider a varied system of exps gained in relation to difficulty, kind of battle and distribute it among team hero’s. I could do farming with one hero in my team and try to win a difficult map stage in order to maximize the exp gain for the specific hero. If the subject has been mentioned before, I apologise.