Hero levelling improvement

Hi. I would like to suggest such an improvement. Levelling up a hero can be really frustraiting and it usually takes a lot of our time. It would be so much easier, if we were able to choose more than 10 heroes as soon as a hero’s special skill reaches 8/8.

10x Caps xp & hams, not just number of feeders. Hence why it’s cheaper ham cost wise to level with 10x feeders due to getting most xp per ham than it is to feed 1x1 since xp changes with each level of feeder and ham changes with each hero level, 10x keeps ham cost of current level but gaining as much xp as any other level

They would have to rework the whole system. Current system also encourages buying roster slots. Hoarding trainer heroes and duplicates. Keeping the ham bottleneck goin strong. Etc


How about when any hero has already reached level 8 of their special skill, get rid of the 10-hero limit for leveling them up? There’s no longer any reason to limit this after max special skill has been reached.
It seems like an inconvenience to the player, and has no monetary benefit to the developer.

That would make it cheaper to level up (less food). Can’t have that now, can we?


Yes. If they want to take more food for using more than 10 at a time, fine. Just don’t make me go back and forth repeatedly. It’s annoying and worthless.

Every level you increase a hero it requires more food, so if you remove this cap i could max a hero from level 1 to max level for 2k ham per hero. This will never happen sorry inconvenience or not it will always stay.

True. Inconvenience it is.

No monetary benefit? Yes they have as they save money because they avoid spending time, money and resources recoding the written program if they implement your idea.

That can be said about any past or future additions or improvements to the game, so it’s not really helpful in this situation. This is an ideas forum. Implementation of anything done is going to cost the company money. Never mind. This paragraph isn’t even worth my time continuing. I shouldn’t have thought of anything different in the game. It wasn’t a good use of my brain’s time, when I could have been using it for something more useful. Thanks for your helpful response…

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