Hero levelling improvement

Hi. I would like to suggest such an improvement. Levelling up a hero can be really frustraiting and it usually takes a lot of our time. It would be so much easier, if we were able to choose more than 10 heroes as soon as a hero’s special skill reaches 8/8.

10x Caps xp & hams, not just number of feeders. Hence why it’s cheaper ham cost wise to level with 10x feeders due to getting most xp per ham than it is to feed 1x1 since xp changes with each level of feeder and ham changes with each hero level, 10x keeps ham cost of current level but gaining as much xp as any other level

They would have to rework the whole system. Current system also encourages buying roster slots. Hoarding trainer heroes and duplicates. Keeping the ham bottleneck goin strong. Etc


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