Hero levelling bug

Live IOS build 1.9.6 276: I don’t know if this is a display bug as as I haven’t really been paying attention but this is way off somewhere. I don’t think Guin was 59 though from my last feed, usually I remember when I get close but not quite.

Didn’t do anything different than I normally do, I was just doing a second set of feeds and hit the max level message which wasn’t the case on the display as shown below, then hit the feed, and wound up at 60. Something is awkward, and apparently it is a true level 60 as I was able to ascend Guin after this.

Also did a small video capture of this but not certain it adds anything more than the screenshots don’t other than I tried deselecting heroes and reselecting them again and still came back with the same max level message with trying to select Slithus.


@Petri yup same bug i encountered too. not a bad bug but more of annoying. alittle fix will help. have u tried updating the game there is a new update.

Ah yours didn’t look to be skipping levels, mine did. Think this is somewhat different but maybe not.

This is the latest 1.9.6 build on live, I haven’t tried beta yet to see if I can replicate it.

not skipping levels for me more of before max leveling the level would stay stuck at 58 and trying to fill the feed it would say maxxed without the hero display updating to say lvl59

Well my screenshots: there’s no way 1200 and change EXP takes a 5* hero from 2/57 to 2/60.

Either there was a display bug: and the hero was really 59 which implies a synchronization / caching issue, or there’s a more serious problem where somehow I got more exp than I should’ve on that feed.

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I think it’s a sync/cache issue. wth the last update, I noticed weird lags when leveling a hero, particularly multiple levels. Everything ends up where it should, but one of the middle screens where the hero is “feeding” if you skip it by pushing the screen, it doesn’t show the level up. If you’re leveling fast it might catch that (e.g. if you level 10 heroes and skip through it really fast and it leveled from 57 to 59 and then the 2nd batch of 1 hero takes it over 60, it might look like you started from 57 and went to 60 if you weren’t paying attention and clicking really fast)

Maybe, I have a ton of fodder on beta, going to try to record it later and see if there’s something busted.

It shouldn’t be this badly desynchronized with the cache regardless: something was strange and I can’t see how as I only did 1 x 10 1*'s on the first feed, still isn’t enough to take that to 60 including the additional exp from the display which suggests that the desync has persisted for a while if that was indeed the case.

The fact I’d done a feed right before that I should’ve gotten a true card level back, and I’m 99% confident it wasn’t 59… I almost always notice when I get near the ascension cap with every other hero I’ve leveled.

Ah well, SG needs to look at the logs on this one: IGN Revelate, Seven Days Departed alliance. Timestamp from just before the original post.

May be tied in with the issues here:

Yay. If so mark it closed please Petri.

i’ll show in a series of screenshots so ppl see it.

righ before leveling

about to hit ok

notice that before exiting the hero level up menu it shows the OLD level 10, not new level 11.


simply exiting and re-entering the level up screen shows proper level image

If you level a bunch of batches all at once without exiting the level up screen, it will show you the old level until you exit out.

Yeah just found that after you mentioned something about it in game.

Thank you for helping diagnose it.

I recorded a video.

Issue at hand is concerning because as most players keep track on how many feeders they use. With this bug if you don’t realize it can use up higher feeders which can inpack the rate of growth of other heroes. Loss of much needed points occur without notice. Is there a fix in work?

I recorded a video on this as well and can upload it to YouTube if needed

What happens when you exit your hero leveling screen? Does your hero stay low (in fact at the level you started with), or does it suddenly pop up to the level it should be?

Dante solved this earlier in the thread. Please scroll back. :slight_smile:

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