Hero Leveling Fatigue

With the addition of the new talent grid, I’ve hit burnout on E&P. I haven’t played for days.

  • 40 hero army, all levelled & ascended (at least they used to be)
  • I don’t raid anymore; I used to raid at least 12 times/day.
  • I quit my alliance; I don’t want to bother hitting Titans anymore
  • my ham and iron icons are all yellow; my training camps full - can’t be bothered to pick them up
  • my VIP pass expired (don’t care)
  • ■■■, someone put a pentagram on my dog, Graymane?!

Empires & Puzzles feels like slavery to me. It’s not a game anymore. One year, end of level 42 and it looks like I’m done; it was fun while it lasted, I guess.

Anybody else here feeling leveling fatigue?

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Yep, the fatigue is real…I’m nearing the don’t care levels also. Season 2 specifically is a bore…played it once, now trying to grind hard levels to grind for higher recruits…leveling is just not fun.


I compare the grind of leveling to being on a diet. No one diets because it’s fun and exciting, they diet to reach a certain goal.

I just accept that the daily grind gets me to my final reward … a nice strong, healthy hero in the best fighting shape of his or her life :blush:


Is it really just the pentagram?

I decided to end my alternate team as I was just spending way too much time, not burned out, but relieved to cut my time on this game in half.


No, I feel fine…and the upside down pentagram was a symbol to protect you from evil in Middle Ages, why you bother? Don’t need protection? Why always seeing the bad in everything. Start think positive! Noone is forcing you to upgrade your team within days. Take your time and have fun again.


Slavery? E&P is not “forcing” you to play. :thinking:

Sounds like it’s time for a break. Here’s some save sage advice from Gryphonknight on setting things up so that you’re in good shape when/if you come back


It’s a game that require a lot of time and effort for sure, so it is normal that many people reach their peak after a while.
If you feel that way, stop.
Playing just because you don’t want to waste your investment (talking about of time and feelings too, not only money) just extend the pain.
1 year of fun is already a good goal for a mobile game.

Now you are free.
Fly away my friend :face_with_monocle:


I’m just maxing out my 30 for war. I look at how long it took and then I look at the other 100 on my bench I want leveled and how long it will take to get to just some of them. Then I remember that there are still some heroes I don’t have or haven’t come out yet.

…it get to be a bit much. Especially when I look into my inventory and see there are no tomes or other need mats.

Now I need to level heroes I wasn’t planning on leveling so I can complete the class challenges.

Yeah… I get it. I’m not at the point of quitting, but sometimes the grind is way too silly.


Grinding, grinding, and even more grinding

I rage quit for 4 months, and lost 360 loot tickets from my annual VIP Pass ( Devs are going to add tiny emblem drops to VIP Pass soon ).


Periodic breaks

Empires is designed to be a grind and reward daily log ins. Both of these make it difficult to skip days during the weak.

An idea is to take a week off every month. You would miss two wars, and seven titans, or 15- 23 ascension item rolls, but come back feeling less burned out each month.

Quit Now, um, actually serious

Now is the perfect time to take a few months off.

Raids, Alchemist lab and Hero academy are all teased in December 2018, and these will be buggy and unbalanced to start.

I missed the introduction of War Rules ( I quit the week before ) and according to my friends, it was an excellent thing to miss. Halloween heroes are nice during Field Aid (WR) and I missed the months these were unavailable.

There is usually a break in new content around this time of year as studios gear up fro Spring break ( and Easter gift cards ), Graduation ( and Graduation gift cards) and Summer break ( and bored students in the USA ).