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Just curious with update 18 fixing the max heroes stuck on lower special skills, is it still recommended to feed same colors or just feed away any heroes you get now

Yes, because the biggest benefit of feeding same color is the 20% xp bonus, not the increased chance of leveling the special skill.


The update didn’t change anything that happens prior to getting a hero at max level, so the purpose behind using same-color feeders (i.e. the +20% xp) remains as it ever has been.

The only things that changed, leveling wise, were the addition of Hero Classes and subsequent class talents, along with the fact that if you are now at max level/ascension, you now are granted a 5x chance to level up your special compared to what you get before getting reaching max level.

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I hate color coordinated feeding unless it’s a 4 or 5* in last ascension or if it’s a 3* before this past update

Now without maxing special skills being so tricky for 3*, should be able to max quite a few in a day if u dont use color coordinated feeding.

Just my opinion though

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@Rigs I think this comes down to a mix of preference and where you are in the game.

Color-coordinated feeding will get you 20% more leveled heroes over time, which is useful for newer players and long-term progress.

If you’ve already got a deep bench and you care more about leveling a particular hero sooner than you want to bang your head against a wall, then dumping everything into one hero and eating the xp loss can be more sanity inducing.


I get told i do it wrong all the time lol no worries

I was saying you’re right lol. Just depends on context/preference.

I will side with feeding a hero whatever is at hand when they are part of a strong roster or part of a very new roster.

New players reading how you get that 20% bonus will be left looking at 1*s in clumps of less than ten while opponents are building a team that they will be able to raid with. Snooze and lose is real at that beginning stage.

A good compromise is feeding like color but not in clumps of ten. The only advantage to feeding 10 at once is food efficiency.

Efficiency is a hobgoblin of rich minds.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson paraphrase?

If so, it’s a good summary of my earlier point that mixing things up is good when you want the game to be more engaging than staring at your shadow on the wall.

Don’t believe him @rigs! He’s totally telling you you’re doing it wrong.

I never have enough food myself, so I just shelled out early on for the extra spaces to be able to feed color matched, 10 at a time. Like just about everything in the game, cash vs grind is a tradeoff on offer. Not that it isn’t still a grind, but…

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You guys are failing to realize i was a new player once as well and started off f2p lol money and level has nothing to do with my preference. Had to do with getting heros to usable levels as quickly as i could.

My main focus was titans. More heros i could get ready for color stacking tile damage on titans, the better my scores were. I tried to hit max level on every hero i planned on keeping as quick as i could


I think that makes a lot of sense for key heroes like that, since they can accelerate your progress in other ways, e.g. better Titan loot sooner. Food and hero xp efficiency aren’t the only places for efficiency consideration.

Not to mention that while efficiency in this game is good, given the long grind, efficiency alone isn’t a reason to pick an approach that you don’t enjoy.

So I’m agreeing again, though I’m sure this will get construed otherwise. :laughing:

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Makes perfect sense. My first alliance sucked so badly that it didn’t really matter what I did for titans. That’s kind of liberating in a way. I mean, it’s miserable. But at least you’re not letting anybody down if you only hit for a few K.


I agree. I still do it the same way. When I get a new hero I want to use, I ain’t gonna wait forever to level it to get max efficiency out of my feeders. I wanna use it ASAP!

The way I feed:
10x same color per feed till I get 8/8 skill
And just keep feeding whatever I get to level it ASAP.

Until I have nothing interesting left to upgrade would I do color matching.

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@Rigs After reading your two posts here I decided to focus my efforts more directly on my 4* and 5* heroes, foregoing building up yet more 3* since I already have 2 of each color.

Holy crap. You are so right. While there is a bonus to same-color feeding, that only matters if all of those heroes are of equal value.

…my Evelyn & Colen are moving up soo much faster than I would have expected. It’s pretty great. Thanks for giving me a different perspective on the matter! :slight_smile:


No problem

Just explain what works for me

Glad it helped

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