Hero Leveling Color Strategy

I’ve been feeding heroes same color feeders almost exclusively. I try to stick with one hero of each color that I’m working on and I try to only feed them with the same color.

I’ve been thinking about switching this up and found some ideas mentioned in a pretty old post. Wondering if these ideas are still relevant:

Until special skill reaches 8/8, stick with same color to boost odds of leveling up the special. This matters most on 3* heroes, because you don’t want to hit max level without your special being at 8/8. (… and don’t feed trainers to 3* heroes. Nothing sucks worse than hitting max level with your special still at 4/8. The sting of not leveling your special is exponentially compounded when you’re not even getting any more XP out of it).

So, stick with same color 1* and 2* or duplicate/crappy 3* until you hit 8/8.

After 8/8 is where I’m thinking of switching to off color feeders; maybe even just 1* off color feeders and save the 2* and 3* feeders for heroes who haven’t reached 8/8 on their special.

Then all of the 1* off colors are fed to your highest priority 8/8 hero, which helps them to level faster (although not as efficiently).

I try to not to abandon a hero until i get them as far as I can (max level or mat wall).

I have a handful of 4* heroes “almost” to max level, but feeding same color heroes make the process such a grind.

I know I’ll take an XP hit by feeding off color feeders and every time I feed them those crappy little 1* off color feeders the ham cost per feeder will go up. So, not as efficient, but I hear a lot of people do it this way.

Has anyone else found a better strategy?

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I don’t know how old this post was which you read, but one thing changed in the meanwhile (especially important for 3 stars as you mentionned those):
If you hit max level and special attack is not yet on 8/8, the XP per feeder are higher then usual
100% for same hero fed
20 % for on colour 2*
10 % for on colour 1* (and also for off color 2* if I remember correctly)
5 % for off colour 1 *
for 3* I don’t know as usually don’t feed 3 star to 3 star ^^

regarding same color feeding - as long as you have enough roster space I would stick to feed same color… Somewhere I read that you lose about 20 % XP if feeding all colors into one hero…

If you have a hero you want to finish quick, just throw all in until maxed :wink:

After 8/8 is where I’m thinking of switching to off color feeders; maybe even just 1* off color feeders

I wouldn’t recognize this however… Either feed all you have to one hero or stay on colour…

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To be honest most 4* and 5* heroes achieve their special skill level 8/8 in advance of maxing. And I feed mixed colour but 10 feeders at a time.
The issue is with 3* where you can max the hero but not achieve the max special skill. So if you can feed same colour at a rate of 10 at a time.
That said, if you have the roster space to store feeders then continue with same colour feeding. Good luck

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depends on the time you have on your hands

  1. if you have the roster space and the time, stick to same color feeding. you get to work on 5 heroes at a time, slower pace but higher XP feeding rate

  2. if you want to max your hero faster, then consider dumping all your feeders into that. yes like you said its an XP hit, but any push is better than no push. i recently maxed a yellow 3*, she hit max but wasnt at 8/8 yet, so i had to stock up on my yellow feeders to max her before i move to the next yellow hero.


Non farmable

And 4* / 5* you do not have the non farmable 3*, or 4*, ascension items to level past 5* 3.70, 4* 3.60 and 5* 2.60


want to test before spending non farmable 3*, or 4*, ascension items

Off Color and Food

If you are leveling a base hero to 4* 70, or 5* 3.70, or 5* 4.80


If you are leveling to a costume hero to 4* 70, or 5* 4.80


Off color leveling usually requires +20% food or +15.3 m food for a rainbow 5* team. ( see notes )

Hero XP

Off color leveling usually requires +20% Hero XP

For every

5x 5* hero leveled off color

you can level

6x 5* hero leveled same color


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Thanks for the info @Gryphonknight. Very helpful! I’ll do some clearing in my roster space now :blush:

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Gonna share my leveling plan:

I do 2*, 3* and trainers in the right color to my 5*, sometimes I fill the 5* with 1* until the xp bar is nearly full, then I put as many feeders as nessecary to st least jump 2lvls, usually more (esp before they reach like 3k for one lvl)

The 1* feeders go to 4* or 3*, depends on what I need or what hero I really want to play

Sometimes I use 2* feeders for my 4*, for example I just recently got Wilbur, wanted him finished a bit faster cause he is so useful

Overall I am lvling 8-10 heroes a time, it slows a bit my progress, but it’s pretty effective on saving ham i feel like

Edit: 8/8 I reach nearly every time with my 4* and 5* at 3.60 or 3.70, even tho I usually feed 4-6 feeders a time (roster space is limited)


I use on-color to level until the last 10 levels to max/ascend then i throw everything at the hero because i am impatient. :grinning:

Buy over a $1000 worth of trainer packages could help! Lolol. I used to do same color until I got 4 training camps going and 1 camp is at level 20, so you can use level 19 n make tons of 1*s every minute. So this is when I switched, after I get there special skills to 8, and started using all colors to level up. A bunch of loot tickets used during Atlantis n Valhalla specials can really boost up your camps with recruits!

That is a good idea. I just got my stronghold to level 15 and was hoping the new area in town would give me a 4th camp, but not till stronghold 20 I guess :-/

I have two TC’s at 11 and 1 at 12. 1 & 2 are constantly running level 11 extra low cost, while the 3rd I try to keep pumping tier 2. I should probably take a break sometime to level it, but I keep wanting more feeders lol

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I’m the same way! Lolol. I use camp level 2 a ton, especially after stockpiling a bunch of backpacks! So how I was saying about using a bunch of look tickets for recruits, you do the same with backpacks on the levels they are featured on. For example season 2 level 1 is a good place to get some. You got any 5* heroes yet?

I actually have some great 5* heroes, but I haven’t leveled them much. realized i wouldn’t have the mats to ascend them to any power level beyond what I could achieve with a 4, so I stuck with 4’s until i had one maxed for each color and started applying emblems to them. that really helps for getting higher level mats from challenge events I couldn’t approach with even the best 3’s, so the mat wall will progressively diminish, but still there for now. So, I’ve switched focus back to 3’s to build more war depth while i collect the mats i need for ascension and LB.

i have something like 80 3* maxed. maybe 5 of them hit 8/8 on the special skill before hitting 3.50, and i leveled a bunch of them with on-color feeders only. i’ve given up trying to max a new 3* hero’s special before hitting 3.50, and i just save on-color feeders (or sacrifice a few 2* on-color feeders to save food) to help get 100% chances to max the skill once they’ve hit 3.50.

imo, leveling strategies are highly player dependent. for me personally, i fed on-color only for a long time, and i bought additional roster slots to be able to accommodate this leveling strategy. i would say around the time i was able to field decent mono teams in each element is around the time i switched to leveling one hero at a time. that said, i do revert back to on-color only if i have a bunch of new heroes to level (after Black Friday summons, for example).

even if i don’t do exclusively on-color feeding these days, i have started to restrict who gets 1* feeders and who gets 2* feeders. 3* heroes get 1* feeders, 4* get 1* feeders until about 3.30 or so, and 5* get 2* feeders minimum. i find that arrangement gets me a nice balance between leveling speed and resource efficiency.

this is actually a great way to play the game, imo. if you focus on the things you can do in this moment, it takes some of the edge off the lack of ascension materials to do the things you want to do.

for me, sometimes that means i’m spending a lot of time dumping resources into holding places (HA4 and HA6 for excess iron for troops, Alchemy Lab for excess food) until i get the materials and a hero i want to power level, or i focus on spending iron for a specific weapon for Challenge or Tower Events, and then boom, i get the ascension materials to be able to max a new hero, or a new Ninja Tower comes around and i can spend my ETTs to level more troops.


[Tip] +40% Skill roll trick for base heroes, and costumes, not intending to fully level

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