Hero leveled, level reverted

I apologize if this is not the correct place to place my request. I have difficulty navigating this forum as it is so huge, lol.

First, I have made no ticket to support because my memory does not always serve me well and I thought perhaps others might have experienced my issue.

On the recent update I thought I read that heroes could not be leveled while in war. For some reason I thought that if a hero in war was leveled during war, the leveling would reflect when war ended.

To this end I had leveled Grimble to 3/69 when war began. He was on war defense team. But because he is also on my regular defense team and I wanted to work on leveling another hero, I went ahead and leveled him to 70. This, I thought I remembered was reflected in my roster because I moved on to leveling another hero. However, when war ended that level dropped back to 69.

I did attempt to reconstruct this by reviewing items gained and consumed for the time period. But now I question my sanity because that record does not seem to support my memory. Well, my sanity is always in question, lol.

In fairness, because I do have memory issues, I thought it best to ask if anyone else experienced this same problem before making a support ticket.

It will be helpful to me to know if it is merely my memory playing tricks as well. Again, my apologies if this in wrong place.

News stated that any increase in hero level during AW active phase is not reflected in AW defense team.
But if your hero was reverted after the war, then it’s a nasty bug of the game.

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Yes, that was my understanding but when I looked for that info I could not find it again, lol. Thank you. Will wait until tomorrow to see if anyone else has input. Goodnight and sweet dreams. Stay safe. :grinning:

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