Hero Lease and Gem Loan and Interest

Hello SG,

Just some food for thought. You may want to consider Hero Lease or some sort of Gem ‘Mortgage’ as your new source of revenue.

I grew up in a country where people are to pay cash to own 100% of anything (in your case, 100% of the gem amount intended). Many would take risk to come to the Western world where there are way more affordable financial options.

Of course, you may want to use gem as your currency (instead of dollars), considering you’re also the gem bank. This way, many many players would have the chance of ‘owning’ fancy heroes they might have always wish for.

Heroes only and the rarity level of 4* AM and emblems remain the same (well, new heroes are the only reason I would spend any more on your game to be honest).

Just want to help a bit.

Interesting idea, but I’d hate to be stuck grinding away to earn gems for paying off a hero I bought 6-12 months ago that’s already been surpassed by the latest and greatest.


It’s ‘either or’. You would be able to lease a hero instead, just like a car, or you ‘mortgage’ your mountain of gems and spend them on whatever you desire, not just hero pulls (you pay back by gems of course) Many many complain about low odds of fancy heroes nowadays. This would make them more accessible. :slight_smile:

So you could lease a hero for a monthly fee until another comes along you’d rather have and trade in on the new hero (obviously at a cost)? Depending on the monthly fee this could have merit.

What happens to the ascension mats you’ve used on the leased hero? Do they transfer over too?

You can try anything with the gems you finance of course. For hero lease, it may cost a certain amount of gems. There are 2 separate things I suggest:

1/ The ability to finance gems (then you can do whatever you want with them: hero pulls, shops, chest fast forwarding…). This may turn out like a subscription-based thing).
2/ The option of leasing one desired hero for an offered period of time at a principal amount of gems plus duration-based extra (I’m not too sure if it should be a fully maxed one or not, but that could be an option, too).