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I was just in a battle, where both my Zimkitha and Khagans ss went off. I used Zimkitha 1st for her aiding attack, and she hit all opponents, but Khagans ss stopped flashing right after she did. He had no ailments and should have been ready to use. This is the second time it’s happened. I had moved tiles and had set off the Lady of Lake once. She hit and took 10% Mana, and then I moved tiles and had a cascade that hit and took her out, and set off Zim and Khagan.

A very frustrated Pixie!!!

Are you absoluetly sure that Khagan’s special WAS also ready to fire off?

Zimkitha is Fast mana (8 tiles to charge) vs. Khagan at Slow Mana (12 tiles to charge); so based on differeing mana speeds its POSSIBLE that Khagan wasn’t charged

Also who was the enemy tank? There are some heroes who could have removed the mana such as:

  • Vanaheim Realm heroes (e.g. Norns, Freya or Bera) – Cuts mana on death
  • Lady of the Lake – Sword Minions remove 10% mana on strike
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As guv said, who was the tank?

Also, just a suggestion but perhaps move khagan off the wing. His special is for nearby allies. I would swap his position with Zimkitha as he would be better on flank next to Isarnia.


Hi Guvnor♥️

Yes I’m sure, Zim was almost full when the cascade went off, Khagan about 3/4s. After a hit, cascade ect… I always assess the board. Lady went off once, and my Mana took a small dip.10%, then the cascade hit mainly Lady and took out her and the minions on her flanks. Both Zimkitha and Khagans ss went off. I used Zimkitha and went to use Khagan and he was no longer flashing.

Lady of the Lake? or…?

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The tank was Lady of the Lake. I think before she died, she was able to summon her minions, which reduced Khagan’s mana but were killed by Zim’s special skill.


Thank You MuadDib (I’m feeling that name, You know there’s a movie coming 0_0). You’re right, it was a quick exchange, Khagan is usually a flank on another team. He was recruited :slight_smile: for help with the Lady. But it was a misuse of a hero. Thank You again for keeping me on my toes, and for your advice.:heart:

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Hi Ultra and yes, Lady of the Lake.:+1:

Ultra when the cascade went off the minions on her and her flanks died.

Well, the only logical reason I can come up with why your Khagan’s mana bar not full is that a LotL minion must have caused it. There may be at least one left prior to it being killed not by the cascades but by Zim’s ss. Other than that, it would be a bug or some glitch. I don’t know if you can replicate the matter again since LotL tank is hard to come by.

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Right!! Thanks Guys♥️

After summoning, the minions get a turn at striking.

It’s I’d bet heavily that one of them hit Khagan thus removing 10% of his mana.

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I’ll keep an eye out, I can’t replicate the tiles of course. But I will try to replicate the setting if able. Many Thanks for your time and support :heart:


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