HERO is dead but still attacks



Thought you fixed the bug about enemy heroes attack going off after the are dead. Had 2 raids tonight I lost because an enemy HERO had no life and once the special skill went off they vanished but still did the damage one was whenever who is a completely overpowered hero


What hero, to begin with?

It would also be good to know what effects, if any, were in… Err… effect.


I wonder if this is the “ghost” riposte attack that was a known bug? The same bug that was used as an excuse to nerf riposte in general?


If the enemy casts the special then disappears, was there some dot damage(burn, poison, sand) on the enemy? Because that way if the eneny dies to the dot he will get to cast his special, the game just updates the hp bar to 0 ahead of time.


I like riposte the way it was; I like kamikaze characters. I will learn to adapt and overcome…but I might shake my fist at the screen while I’m learning. :wink:


Counterattacks will return as it were in 15.1 patch:




I see that from you @rook, and I think of this.



Guenevere was one and gravemaker the other


No they were straight up dead had no buffs and still got hit