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New to the game an i just started spending some money on 10X summons. Now I have a lot of 3* heroes that I dont know what to do with. Here are my 3 teams in position order from left to right.

(Team 1)- Defense Team
Little John: (4* Nature): Lev 60 waiting for ascension materials to start final tier
Chao: (4* Holy): Lev 37 on final tier
Boril:(4* Ice) Lev 60 waiting for ascension materials to start final tier
Kelile: (4* Fire): Lev 60 waiting for ascension materials to start final tier
Rigard: (4* Dark) Lev 60 waiting for ascension materials to start final tier

(Team 2)
Kiril: (4Ice) Lev 60 waiting for ascension materials to start final tier
Balthazar: (3
Dark) Fully ascended
Gadeirus: (4* Nature) Lev 31 Tier 2
Sumitomo: (4* Fire) Lev 25 Tier 2
Hu Tao: (4* Holy) Lev 1

(Team 3)
Max Trainer Hero: (4* Dark) Fully ascended
Gobbler: (3* Nature) Lev 1
Li Xiu: (4* Holy) Lev 1
Namahage: (3* Fire) Lev 15 Tier 1
Valen: (3* Ice) Lev 1

Here are the rest of my new heroes and not sure who to level and who to feed to others. Also are the teams above ok and how do i make teams from the others?

Kailani x2
Gan Ju x3
Guardian Jackal (4*)

Valen X2
Gunnnar x3

Jahangir X3
Azar X2
Nashgar x2

Friar Tuck

Oberon x2
Balthazar Lev 30 Tier 1

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Defense team. Replace Chao with Li Xiu and Kelile with Sumitomo.
Focus on Kiril for offense.

I cant comment much about 3* but if you can spend more on pulls. Dont bother much about the 3* heroes.

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Thanks AirHawk! I appreciate the advice!

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Nice troop of 4* you have there.

What are your intentions ?

Can you already finish all rare events ?

Ny first * were Kiril, Chao, Little John, Tiburtus and Boril.

Since you alrady have a developed tank with Boril you might think About leveling Jackal instead of Li.
Jackal is an excellen offensive player.

For raiding ( exept if you really need a cleanser ) I would swap Kiril with Rigard and go after red tank Teams. :smile:

I dont know Sumitomo so I leave this to Airhawk.

Concerning 3*s

Train Belith asap, she still is a key player in your stage and combines healing with dispelling.

Train 1 Kailani or Gunnar ( probabely Gunnar since your yellow Training line Looks very busy )

I prefer to Train 5 heroes at once. feding each hero with his own color.

Traing priorities.

Push yellow if you can.
Finish Chao and then start Jackal.

Green: Belith, Gadeirus, Brienne

Red: Sumitomo, Hawkmoon, Namahage, Azar

Blue: Valen, Gunnar

Purple: Tyrum, Balthazar

Good luck and have fun.

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Jackal is great for raids.

Li Xiu is better for defense. Depending on what he/she requires currently. Of course being to attack is better than defense at the start.

Do not fool yourself by saying you have three teams: you have a roster in search of an identity.

It is nice starting with several 4* heroes. They are putting you a step up on non-payers starying with 3s. This allows you a wide array of raid opponents who you should overpower.

The urge to win those raids and follow the siren song of titan battles may tempt you to max every 4, but you should resist. Many will drop by the eayside as your roster expands, especially if you continue to spend.

Kiril will be with you a long time with Rigard and Li Xiu being along only slightly less time.

Look ahead to what events you will summon. If you get what you want vs getting all duped 3*s, is cool but you need to plan ahead for both.

Rare quests are your priority now as raiding/farming look to be well in jand.

This early on you should be experimenting as much as possible. Find what works for your okay style. Just blindly following a cookie cutter build from people on the forms maybe beneficial at first (we have some great players on the forums) but you are doing yourself a great disservice by not learning on your own.

I am not saying g people shouldn’t ask for help or guidance but I think alot of people overlook the bonus and reward of figuring out for your self.

I am not saying it will happen to you but a player that has the forum build thier team for them will most likely inly return in a few weeks when they have more heroes asking the same questions.

What ever works out for you though I wish you good luck, learn as much as you can, and have fun (the most important thing) :smile:

Hello, boys, these are my teams.
I would like if you can help me with the hero’s positioning in teams. Thank you very much!

I have some heroes here and I want to ask your opinion.

First question:
In your opinion, which heroes I should level up first?

  1. Domitia
  2. Kadilen
  3. Justice
  4. Grimm

Second question:

I have leveled up Delilah to 70lvl/3. Should I waste my darts on her? Because now I have 6/6 darts and wondering is it worth it (after 9 months of playing I have six darts… just sad).

Thank you for your opinions. :slight_smile:


Yes for Delilah.

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