I was looking for hero-guardians and again once for a handful of summons - 0 heroes 5 *, there is no hero of the month. Is this normal ?! And someone for 5 calls 2 panthers and Perseus. Made 40 summons.


Link to video? Also by calls do you mean summons?

Also yes it is rare to get a legendary in 5 tries


You were a bit unlucky. 2 panthers and Perseus in 5 summons is very lucky, but we tend to find out only about the most lucky and the most unlucky.

For summoning heroes the game could do with less randomness, IMHO.


For another perspective from a long-time player:


You are in good company.
I doubled your bet and no panther.


i got somewhat lucky. i did a 10pull and got a jakyl. also got a caedmon, a second melendor, a second kiril, and a new balthazar (since my first one literally refuses to level his special, seriously almost at 3rd ascension and only lvl2?! jerk)


Don’t give up on your Balthazaar. Train him only with Dark heroes and try to train with 10 at a time to increase your percentage chance of improving power. Also realize that even though a hero is at Max ascension and Leveled fully, you can continue to train them until their power is 8/8. That way you don’t have to start completely from scratch. You just need to keep feeding him once he’s max level until his power manages to go up.


I got VERY lucky.

2 months ago I did a 10 pull and got Jackal, Falcon, and Owl.


The odds of pulling a 5* from the event pull seems to be between 2 and 3%. If that’s true, then the odds of NOT pulling a 5* in 40 pulls ranges from 30 to 45%. So, the OP had bad luck, but not extremely bad luck.

It took me 86 pulls to draw Perseus.


Jesus how much money have you spent


thanks for the tip Otto. i didn’t know that you could continue to feed after they maxed level to keep trying to get it to 8/8.
i have been feeding him only purples. every attempt has had 25-35% chance and he has failed me every time, lol. he’s right near time to ascend to 3 and has only gone up because of ascension. he’s being a butthead. but if i can keep feeding then i won’t worry about it.


be aware, you can only keep “leveling” when maxed if it’s truly max level (3/50 for 3*, 4/70 for 4*, and 5/80 for 5*). If you’re stuck at say 3/60 for a four star waiting for ascension materials, you can’t “level” to increase special. You have to wait until you ascend.


Good to know, thanks Dante.