Hero Grading Guide!


when will the 7DD hero grading sheet update be available? Anybody Knows!!! I dont know what Atlantis hero upgrade first!!!


Proteus, Wilbur and Triton. Either of those are great. And pretty much any of the 5*s.


Fire: Wilbur, ice: Triton, nature: Gobbler, dark: Proteus, holy: Danzaburo. Nature and holy heroes aren’t exactly breathtaking, but there’s not another choice. Gobbler has high attack at least and pairs with Wilbur for family attack bonus, so he’s a good choice for titans.


I’ve got Danzaburo 4/10 with 8/8 skills. It’s not worth materials. On the map I had 6 freezes and 4 defensive buffs in a row, none of offensive strike. It’s like when you max it you get more and more freezes)))

I’d give it solid C


We’re working on the S2 update to the guide, but it is getting harder as there are more heroes to compare. In addition, many of the new heroes have very complicated or specialized skills which make them hard to give an accurate letter grade in comparison with existing heroes. Here’s my opinion briefly, but note that it is not official.

Tarlak - A. Great for titans and raid offense.
Misandra - B. Potential for immense power when lucky, but lower average results than Magni, Alasie, or Arthur.
Proteus - A. Mana freeze is amazing, even though his damage is purely DoT.
Amoena - C. Ability is useless in 99% of situations.
Danzaburo - B-. One ability is insane, one is pretty good, and the 3rd isn’t a death sentence. OK but hard to use.
Wilbur - A-. Amazing but specialized ability. Great in a red stack in raids and titans.
Triton - B+. Hits like a truck and pairs well with healers. Healing increase isn’t a huge deal though.
Agwe - C. Mediocre damage with a mediocre ability. Boomer but blue.
Gobbler - B. Gamechanging ability when facing a Delilah, Red Hood, or Thoth. Very weak everywhere else.
Gadeirus - B. A mini Ares but on slow mana. Decent support hero.
Chochin - A. Great damage and unique ability at the 3* level
Gil-Ra - C. Status ailments without damage on slow mana is too hard to use.
Melia - A+. A must have at the 3* level. Great damage with a great ability - only crit at the 3* level.
Gato - A. Great damage with a high attack stat and useful ability.
Mnessus - A. Good damage with a cleanse. Mini Caedmon.
Nahamage - B. Hits hard but doesn’t compare well with Wabbit, Nashgar, and Azar.

Sumitomo - B. Good damage and strong riposte, but having it on just himself is weak.

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Thank you for giving light to my mind…you guys are the best!!!


I’m really impressed with the two Mermaids for 3*s. They are both really good.


What about Sumitomo it is worth to spend resources on him???


@Wharflord updated his post to give him a B. I agree with that–but in light of the high quality of red 4*, Sumitomo would be about mid-way on my list of reds to ascend. Wilbur is the clearly best Red S2 hero.


Sumitomo suffers from the same problem as Kelile: he’s an ok hero surrounded by other red 4*s who are top quality. Though there are better options, if he is all that you have then definitely go ahead and level him.


I didn’t check the sheet yet but do you see Khiona as an A for titans? Just pulled her along my 6th tabbard and also have Aeron 3/70


Yes, I think she’s going to be an A on titans:

  1. Her cumulating attack bonus helps both on tile and special bonuses. This skill will be particularly powerful teamed up with Tarlak and/or Wilbur.
  2. Her elemental link is strong in a purple stack, typical against a yellow titan.

I think Khiona and Sartana are about equal overall. Sartana is a stronger hitter, but Khiona brings a lot to the table with her specials. I wish she hit just a little harder, though.


I’m very pleased with Proteus, which the Special Skills are great when used in the right timing. Also, if you have multiple enemies on screen, he can poison them all & freeze their mana for 3 turns with one shot!! When I combined him with my main team, he is perfect! Some bosses didn’t get a chance to fire their Special Skills when I combined him with Peters


I always wondered why gormek was rated an A and tibertus is a B when tibertus is much better then gormek with the same ability.


I’m really enjoying Trinton, he’s helping BT very well with the energy of life and his shot is very strong :skull_and_crossbones:


Personally I think Triton is a low A, or a B++. Very high attack, extra survivable.


The gormek/tibs issue was an admitted mistake
If Anchor never upgraded Tiburtus, he said in a very early post that he was going to.


He would change Scarlett’s speed to A aswell?


@Wharflord appreciate what you have and are doing here! One heck of a communications talent as well I’ve seen some of your videos. @Roxy_TM and @Runecaster this is who I was talking to you about today. Consider this as official of an into as I can make :smile: