Hero Game Strategy

I’ve played for awhile and have a really good set of maxed out heroes. Even so, great frustration is felt when I get slaughtered by weaker opponents only later to learn it was related to my lack of knowledge on hero choice. I want to create a strategy guide related to heroes specifically that will help gamers more quickly learn hero choice is key to game advancement - examples : which heroes counter specific heroes, which heroes are stronger together in battle, which heroes are weaker together in battle, what negative mana is- who has is-who counters it,etc…etc. Which heroes are debuffers, have status ailments - what that means in war play . I know some of this now but If I knew this initially it would have minimized great frustration and I think it will help minimize people quitting the game prematurely because they feel lost or defeated. I searched the forums and couldn’t find another topic on this. So can I have your knowledge please :slightly_smiling_face:

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