Hero Experience Rebalancing

This is how much experience it takes to level up a Hero:

3* Hero’s
Tier 1 (1-1 to 1-30) 9528
Tier 2 (2-1 to 2-40) 15105
Tier 3 (3-1 to 3-50) 25285
Total (1-1 to Max) 49918

4* Hero’s
Tier 1 (1-1 to 1-40) 15780
Tier 2 (2-1 to 2-50) 25536
Tier 3 (3-1 to 3-60) 42555
Tier 4 (4-1 to 1-70) 83721
Total (1-1 to Max) 167592

5* Hero’s
Tier 1 (1-1 to 1-50) 26810
Tier 2 (2-1 to 2-60) 48455
Tier 3 (3-1 to 3-70) 104815
Tier 4 (4-1 to 4-80) 173473
Total (1-1 to Max) 353553

99% of the feeders going to level up a hero are going to be 1* and 2* feeders, which give 150 and 390 experience (if on color it is 20% more, so 180 and 468). Thats still well over two thousand 1* feeders to max out a 5*!

Suggested rebalancing of a Heroes experience required to max:
.* = Tier1/Tier2/Tier3/Tier4 = Total
(Note, all numbers in in 1000’s and rounded)

3* = 10/15/25 = 50
4* = 16/26/42/84 = 168
5* = 27/48/105/174 = 354

3* = 10/15/25 = 50 (no real change for 3*, just round the numbers)
4* = 15/25/40/70 = 150 (approx change of -18k)
5* = 25/50/100/125 = 300 (approx change of -54k)

I always thought feeding dupe 3* and 4* heroes were not worth it and should have their experience value increased to be more in line with trainer heroes (and trainer heroes of 3*+ be increased further as well), and dupe 5* heroes should just never be eaten, especially since the Hero Academy will be coming out soon.
Please throw us a bone and increase the experience given for feeder heroes.

Currently for 1*/2*/3*/4*/5* its:
150/390/630/900/1200 (180/468/756/1080/1440 +20% bonus if on color)
1000/1500/2500/5000 (1200/1800/3000/6000) note,trainer heroes dont come in 5*

Whats with the weird numbers? My request is to rebalance the numbers to something more like:
167/500/1500/3000/- (200/600/1800/3600/-)
[5* are not feedable, can only be transmuted in hero academy]
1000/2000/4000/8000/16000 (1200/2400/4800/9600/18000)
[added a 5* trainer] also trainers should be handed out more frequently

I also realllly think that all new/unique 3*/4* heroes arrive locked (by new I mean it is the only one in your roster), and for sure all 5* heroes should arrive locked (maybe add an option to toggle this off for 3* and/or 4*). All 4* troops should arrive locked as well.
The tutorial should definitely cover the locking mechanic.

There’s some interesting stuff here. I’m not voting for it, in part because I’m out of votes, but also because I’m not totally on board:

  • I doubt they’re ever going to change the hero XP value of feeding. And I don’t want them to! A big part of the way this game is balanced (in terms of F2P vs. P2W) is that you simply CAN’T buy your way to a deep roster of maxed heroes. It would cost literally millions of dollars for that sort of instant gratification.

  • I also don’t think 5-star heroes should be “unfeedable.” For one thing, there are plenty of players who are constantly bumping up against their maximum roster capacity. If one of them wants to feed their 4th Horghall in order to create space, that should be their prerogative. (I think that would be a foolish choice, with the Hero Academy on the horizon, as opposed to simply buying more roster space with gems, but I don’t think anyone should be FORCED to buy roster space with gems either.)

  • However, I LOVE the idea of new/unique heroes in the higher rarity tiers to arrive locked. In fact, I’d take it a step further, and ask for various insta-lock options. If I want to set up my roster so that ALL 4 and 5 star heroes arrive locked (but not 3s), it would be nice to have that kind of flexibility.


100%. For both heroes and troops. I guess the troops part would have to come when the Barracks are unlocked, but still…

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I think asking for a reduction in the third and fourth tiers of 4* and 5* heroes is not asking a lot and certainly wouldnt make it any more accessible via money. Its only a -10% and -15% exp reduction to the already long slog it takes to level up heroes.
As for feeder heroes, a bump in the numbers would be great.
…Ok I might be slightly obsessed with the more ‘nice’ numbers for both xp and feeder xp, but nice ratios would make sense.
@EmpiresPuzzles @Petri

I highly doubt the Devs used a table for Hero XP.

Most likely it is a function that enters the hero stars, tier and level to calculate the Hero XP needed for the next level. Such a function is always going to add up to weird numbers when you split it by tier.

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