Hero Experience Gain

Is cannibalism the only way for them to gain experience, while running day to day operations?

“Cannabalism” is such an ugly word that we all say training.

But, yeah, feeding heroes (btw recruits who were fed through a grinder to make a hero) is how the hero who is eating gains exp.

Have you read the e&p wiki?

I understand the premise., @Bud. Not knocking the system. Just curious as to why a Hero does not gain “some” experience from every fight they win, or survive.

Would cut the grind aspect out too much, people who solely auto-farm low provinces could get the same gain as people who farm late game provinces. You could argue for or against it, but the system works well enough as it is.
Plus, as it is now, a lot of people hit walls waiting for unfarmable ascension items to finish levelling their heroes. Adding an ambient levelling gain would amplify that frustration, I think.

@MantisToboggan, like I said, I was not knocking the system, nor am I complaining about it. It is what it is. Everyone is waiting for something, goes with the territory. I was just making an observation from what I noticed. Most learn from fights.I may be completely wrong, but I would like to learn from more experienced players.

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Yeah, I have a little bit of an issue with that also. The only way for a hero to get better is to feed another hero into it. I feel a little xp gain might be cool. Nothing big, like 10-30xp would be cool. It would prompt me to use other heroes rather than only my maxed “standard/boring” team. I feel it would make raiding and farming and such a little more dynamic and fun

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Also, does anyone else think of the movie Solent Green when leveling. We should get food back when we feed a hero… ; )


I really like the idea that using heroes gives them experience. Just as in DnD, you scale the xp gain non-linearly with the “level” of the foe killed. Using your 4/70 Magni to farm 5-8? Maybe 1 point per foe killed. Farming province 23? Maybe 5 per minion, 10for the boss. Raiding against similar heroes? Maybe 100xp per foe.

This is a good idea because it encourages players to use heroes still in development. Instead of auto-farming with your maxed team, you’ll bring out those early-stage heroes and play carefully, since these could actually die. It will take a bit of the drudge out of leveling—and shouldn’t a game be fun?


10-30xp? That doesn’t do jack

Over 100 xp per level is what I’d think should be a minimum