Hero Exchange System (This is not a post about trading)

Apologies, but I need to preface my idea first - scroll down if you just want to read the idea:

I think the most frustrating aspect to this game is the combination between the amount of duplicate heroes received and the inability to get any real value out of heroes that aren’t very useful. I typically wait a month before reviewing a game, I’m about a month in and I’m considering giving the game a 1 star review for this very reason despite the fact that I’ve enjoyed a lot of aspects to this game. I find this issue THAT penalizing.

After a month of the slow grind, I decided to join an alliance which cued me in to how far behind I was and got me to spend money. In total I’ve spent over $60 dollars on this game. Which is what I spent on a triple A titles like battlefield 1 where I was granted access to all content, weapons and DLC for that price. However, on this far simpler mobile game, it’s gotten me very little towards end game. I have 1 five star and 1 four star out of 25+ summons, plus training.

Even more frustrating, what I do have is a collection of 3 star heroes, most of which are duplicates. Of particular note are:

4 Renfelds
4 Oberons
5 Jahangirs
3 Gunnars
3 Carvers
4 Banes

And then I have a few more heroes that I have 2 of. What is particular upsetting about this is that heroes like Oberon, Jahangir, Gunnar and Carver all have slow mana regeneration and don’t hit very hard. And outside of Gunnar who is useful against heavy hitting bosses, I find these slow mana regen, small damage AOE characters to be particularly weak in comparison to heroes who regen quicker. They’re pretty bad against titans, in raids and in alliance wars. The only area where they seem even useful is in the campaign, and even there they still feel under powered in comparison to their other 3 star counter parts.

So in the end, I feel like I haven’t gotten much for my time invested, and more importantly, for the money invested in this game. Which is why I think I’d rather just warn people away from this game all together - because there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve wasted money.

However, I do think this could be mitigated by a hero exchange system…


Hero Exchange System:

In Idle Heroes they have a prophet tree in which you can trade in a hero along with prophet tree timber and receive a different hero of the same exact level with the same exact equipment. It’s a great a way to try and get different heroes without losing much value on your end to the heroes you’ve already invested in. And it goes a long way to mitigating bad luck one might have had in the lottery system of random summoning (which idle heroes also employs)

A similar system would go a long way in alleviating the frustration of receiving the same bad 3 star heroes over and over and over again. For example, if I could exchange some of the FIVE Jahangirs I’ve received in a special summons that pulled from either red 3 star heroes, or 3 star heroes in general, I’d be more likely to wind up with heroes I’ll actually use vs a $3.75 summon that just sits in my inventor wasting space, but feels to valuable to consume for a small percentage of XP.

The devs can determine the exact details of how the system would work. But In generral, I think this idea would go a long way to making the game feel far more worthwhile for those of us that have spent time and money on the game but have experienced relatively bad luck with the RNG

Won’t happen with the trades… The devs love money too much… 25 pulls, and 1 5* is great, but 1 4* in 25 pulls is crap. Consider yourself lucky, some people have played 8 months, some a year and are just getting their first 5*

I wasnt suggestig trades. Just a way to exchange duplicate heroes for heroes of equal rarity.

In the long run it encourages summoning because the player is more confident they can at least achieve some value out of the summons.


I knew what you meant… but the devs love money… so won’t happen

I agree, I would love to exchange both my 2 extra Little Johns for ONE different 4*.

Make it some kind of extra token you’d get from a rare quest, put 2 heroes of the same rarity against a selection of 1 different.


Personally i don’t mind even giving 3-5 heroes of the same rank for having a new one that i don’t have.

Let’s say 3 for a random color, 5 for a specific color.


I would love to exchange 5 skittleskull for 1 melendor or 1 wu Kong or 1 boldtusk. 4x skittleskull in 1 10x lol.


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

If the devs love money they should include the system rob. As i said, its better for encouraging repeated use of the summons feature.

If you drop a little cash amd get burned by duplicates in the summons that are of little value to you, youre less likely to spend more. But if you knew you could still get value out of it, by exchanging them for dif heroes of the same rarity, youd feel more confident in spending money to do additional summons later on because youd reduce the risk of losing value for your dollar

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Yea the devs could work out the details and how muh surcharge they want to include in.

Idle heroes does it through prophet tree branches. Essentially there are prophet orbs that allow you to summon either heroes or shards to build heroes from prophet trees. These orbs always yeild either of those things as well as a number of prophet tree branches.

But once youve collected 100 branches, you can turn those in along with a heroe, and youll get a randomly generated hero at the same star rating, the same level, and with the same equipment from the same faction.

Obviously the better heroes from those factions are less likely to show up in this process, but its still a good way to exchange unwanted heroes without losing a ton of value

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A great suggestion and this is a problem that everyone is suffering from. I hope developers apply this proposal and include the tools of escalation.
If you can not stop the repetition of the heroes of the call, I hope there will be something like a break in this subject in order not to say that he lost his money to heroes does not need them.

I have 11 5* & 18 4* and all the other ate food and i have 7 teams with maybe a couple of 3* on one team

I looked up this topic because it is an improvement that I and many friends would like to have.

The company need to analyze if really would lose so much money because all my alliance players do not spend any more because there was a lot of disappointment.

What I would like to suggest for both developers and players to win is to have this gem trading feature. For example, each hero exchange each player needs to use 200 gems and an ascension item exchange each player needs to use 100 gems. The amount of gems was just one example.

Perhaps this would encourage the disappointed players to spend money again. And everyone would be happy. What do you think of that?

I think that this will be their solution

Adding the exchange would be great, along with gems would be fine. Ascension items… not so much. They are extremely rare.

I would also like to suggest exchange of ascending materials as these become toooo rare, especially when you reach the 2nd/3rd level of ascension.

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Seems like a good solution.

It is very frustrating getting the same pulls all the time.

can a SG staff member please leave a short comment about this. some of my alliance mates already play the game like 600 days and have only gotten about 1 5* hero. they slowly get pissed and think to leave the game.

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